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  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. My heartaches hearing this news. We were at the wreck site and the boys were so brave as well as Lily was. All three of the babies are in our hearts.
  2. Thanks everyone! I NEVER get on PCOM anymore and I have contacted EVERYONE in regards to the remaining orders that needed to be picked up.
  3. PM Sent And thank you Crystal for emailing me
  4. No ma'am. I'm sorry. I'll be sure to email you for your selections.
  5. Tickets at $3 at the gate or $2 if you get them from the Dallas Library or local organization. The hours are Saturday 9am - 6 pm Sunday 9am - 5 pm
  6. I wanted to jump online really quick to give an update to those who are concerned. Today was the first of what appears to be several surgeries. I'm a VERY healthy person in general (besides the OCD about EVERYTHING ) so this was out of left field for me. Today's surgery went well but they will going back in next week. I really NEVER meant for any of this to happen as I too have been taken by bad business. I will stand behind my promise that ALL orders will be done by next Friday. I would like to say THANK YOU so much to those of you that know me and my business. It is because of people like you that I can hold my head high and know that one bad leaf will be overturned by the fifteen FABULOUS leaves Momto2girls ( hun!) , Boondocks_Belle, GeorgiaTornado, CarolineElizabeth, UnionMom, and Tona.....You are ALL fasinating people and thank you SO much for understanding and voicing my true colors! Thank you GeorgiaTornado for the offer, I'll keep that in mind if I stop feeling like a Peterbilt ran over me. I always enjoy custom orders but I'm not Wal-Mart so I can't pump out a custom order in 24 hours...maybe next year when I go in for surgery to add 5 arms
  7. If you would like to meet me first thing Monday morning your items will be available. If I am out of the hospital anytime this weekend I will contact you about meeting sooner. Please just let me know when and where.
  8. To ALL: I do not post my personal life on PCom EVER but I'm about to. For the last two months, I have had the WORST health issues of my life. At 23 years old I should be healthy outgoing and thriving. Instead, I've spent night after night in the hospital. The doctors (all 15 of them that I've seen) have been stumped as to what is wrong. I have my 2nd surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning. I have been pulling my hair out trying to run 2 businesses by myself, raise a toddler, deal with doctors/pain/etc, deal with personal issues, and MUCH more. My family has gone through it's share of financial struggles but I have done everything from FREE shipping because I had no car for a period of time to working around other's schedules just to meet. I never put myself before anyone else. I'm very sorry if ANYONE on here feels as though they were lied to or cheated but that is NOT the case. I'm not that kind of person and I do NOT run a business that way. I would NEVER run off with someone's money and if ANYONE has EVER felt that they received less than satisfactory work the only way that I can fix it is if it is brought to my attention. Now....as far as the recent orders....ALL orders will be finished by the CLOSE of Friday next week. I will be meeting several of you in your choice location. After all orders are delivered I will NO longer be a part of PCom. I have met some WONDERFUL people on here but I will NOT be bashed. I am a great person and I do nothing less than quality work. Thank you.
  9. How about Barnes in Carrollton, why hasn't this been mentioned?? I know they have TONS of things for baby and ALL in camo
  10. GREAT JOB ZOO!!!! I'll be coming by tomorrow...without the toddler hopefully
  11. ACTUALLY....Big Dogs such as Wal-Mart/Sam's Club or even Longhorn's Steakhouse. These companies started out as Small Business thinkers and have a tendency to stay with that mind set
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