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  1. Sometime in the next couple of weeks I would like to get family out to get some nice family photos. I am looking for interesting places to go. I would like to have at least one place that has a lot of foliage with pretty fall color. I would like to also find someplace with interesting old building or barns. A farm would be great, maybe with a tractor we could pose on. Another idea I had is to find a more rundown city area with graffiti or signs painted on the walls. I will take all suggestions I can get.
  2. Respect is earned. It is not a gift. I have told me son that several times.
  3. This is so sad. His mother is a wonderful person and my heart is with her.
  4. I have never been for the death penalty although I understand why some people are. What I am truly against is the politically correct treatment of the people in prison. I'm all for working them...real labor. They should lose their basic liberties. If prison was hard manual labor 12-14 hours a day they inmates wouldn't have time cause so much trouble. It makes me sick that they are given gyms to work out in, TV's to watch and such...I hate that my taxes pay for that. Killing them would definitely be more cost effective.
  5. Enough already. I don't know anything about the allegations against her because all the tv is covering s what she said years ago. Lord knows I would hate for my future to be dependent on the things I have said and done in the past.
  6. Like her or not...I think the issue here is that she told the truth and is getting slammed for it. The question in the first place was not if she had ever used the "N" word it is whether she used it when dealing with the person who is suing her. I would venture to say that most of use, if not all, would be horrified to have to account for every word that we have said in our lives.
  7. I was raised on JIF and thought that was the only brand of peanut butter there was until I had kids. I bought Peter Pan once because it was on sale and from then on out it was the only kind for me. My son has always been a PBJ kid and I find that Peter Pan spreads much easier and tastes great too.
  8. I usually ask the cashier what she prefers that I do. Most of the time they tell me to leave it in the cart.
  9. I think that is true too. I had some traumatic things happen in my childhood and although I don't remember much about them I do remember that they happened. The rest of my childhood was somewhat ordinary and I just went through the motions. I remember bits and pieces but the things I remember the most are the things I did with my grandmother. I just think that she was the most memorable person in my life. My sister, however, seems to remember EVERYTHING...including things that no one else in my family remembers. She had a seizure disorder and had to take medication daily for her entire c
  10. I have very patchy memories of my childhood and teen years. In fact I was talking about this the other day with a friend and she told me it was not normal. Until then I guess I never really thought about it. My first memory is one month before I turned 5. My father was killed in a car accident and I remember that people were coming into our home and hugging and crying. Before that everything is blank. I think that I have possibly blocked out much of my memory as a child and teenager. My friend thinks I need to go get hypnotized so that I can remember but I feel like if it was bad enou
  11. Maybe Willowbrooke. II have heard good things about them.
  12. Thanks!!! I'll be there tomorrow!!!! I am so excited.
  13. Does anyone know if the New GA Library on Ridge Rd. has audio books? I have become addicted to listening to audio books on my drive to and from work. I have been picking them up at yard sales and Goodwill but suddenly it dawned on me that the library might just have them.
  14. Kathleen O'Toole at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is very good. I and several people that I know have used her. She is EXTREMELY thorough. Sometimes it is hard to get in with her because she is so well known but there are several other doctors in her practice that I have also heard good things about.
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