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  1. So, from what direction do the planes take off and land? It doesn't seem like an exact east/west I already live below the Hartsfield traffic.
  2. Check out the Ask-a-Lawyer Day calendar event listed for February 15, 2013 or visit the State Bar website.
  3. Type in Dick van D-y-k-e, but leave out the dashes. A few years back here on PCom, he became Dick van Lesbian. Swear to god.
  4. We had lunch there today. The pizza is quite good. They could be a bit more focused at the register. For some reason they use a calculator and then the cash register as well as a server's pad. But I would definitely go back for the pizza. Typical NY pizza-- fold the slice and eat. Big slices of pizza, too.
  5. Mikey

    Taylor Farms

    The county staff who would manage this have been dealing with furloughs and lost wages. I wouldn't expect any frivolity.
  6. Things are changing. Courts are stepping up. I have listed some court-based selfhelp centers here: http://lawscape.wordpress.com/2010/12/01/court-based-law-information-centers-available-to-some-georgians
  7. name change packet free at http://www.appfamilylawcenter.org
  8. Mikey

    DUMB ?

    You can read the GA Code onlinr. Ga. Code §34-8-194 Good cause shall be determined by the commissioner according to the circumstances in the case; provided, however, that leaving an employer to accompany a spouse who has been reassigned from one military assignment to another shall be deemed to be for good cause; provided, however, that the employer's account shall not be charged for any benefits paid out to the person who leaves to accompany a spouse reassigned from one military assignment to another. Still waiting to hear Twitter recommends.
  9. Mikey

    DUMB ?

    I just posted a request about this to my twitter lawyer tweeps. Let you know what I discover. Meantime, call State Bar of Ga Military Legal Assistance Program, 404-527-8765.
  10. Neon, because He is the light of the world. Or, it's just bad taste.
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