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  1. It has a year warranty but I don't know if this would be covered under the manufacture warranty.
  2. I have a Winbook TW100. The dc Jack on it is broke, and I took it back to Microcenter where I bought it. They quoted it would cost $400 to fix it. I only paid $200 for it. Does anyone know someone who can fix it cheaper?
  3. News talk wsb (95.5) just said that a sheriffs detective was suppose to be in court today but didn't show. Which is why they sent the sheriffs deputy to the house. Sheriffs dept said they are not looking for the shooter. Which means the person who did is dead in the house as well.
  4. Are you going this year? If so, what is on your list?
  5. Who is the person who does renewals for BLS for the boys scouts? I have a few friends who are currently in nursing school and need their BLS for the healthcare provider (American heart association) renewed. Thank you!
  6. Actually for visiting angels they charge $17/hr and the cna/caregivers get $8.50/hr so the service gets 50%!
  7. Ours was in the bank by 5am yesterday the 12th. We have Wells Fargo.
  8. Please don't stop! That is the main reason cars get stuck!!!
  9. I seen an episode of diners, drive-ins & dives, where a restaurant made beef cheek manicotti. I've looked at all the local stores and have yet to find anyone carrying them. Where would someone get these from?
  10. What's the difference, taste wise, between free range & non-free range?
  11. I was thinking the same thing. We had to make the heart breaking decision to do this to my dad. He wasn't responsive and we had to do what was best for him and let him go. It just seems unethical to be able to have a ventilator put on a deceased body. Why waste the supplies & personal when there might be someone who is not brain dead and could use the help.
  12. I called them and it's only $20 for the CPR class! However they don't have a class open before mine expires, so they suggested I take the online course and they will do the skills check for me.
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