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  1. This one goes up every year for my daddy. Means the world to me...
  2. I don't like seeing my neighborhood on the news- make better choices people...
  3. It was just an update, they stated channel 2 was sending in helicopter, I hear them above now. I am sure we will get another update soon
  4. WSBTV just gave update- Cops was there to deliver a drug search warrant and ended in shooting.
  5. Crime scene tape up and undercover cops there. Same house had some type of explosion 2 weeks ago. very concerned. I asked the cop is all was ok and if I should be concerned as we live across the street. He told me they have suspect apprehended and all was under control now. (so was we not safe before????) Hope everyone is ok...
  6. I cheat, 1 can Rotel, cut up extra green and red peppers, cut up mango, add splash of lime juice and some cilantro and garlic. Works for us and pretty darn good!!
  7. crockpot chicken fajitas with yellow rice and black beans... and some mango salsa on the side
  8. try a white sangria with using some Brandy and Triple Sec-- add some peaches and DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Does it have to be prescribed? Is it pricey? How long does it take to see results? lot's of questions ~sorry!
  10. 1. Clarisonic Face Cleansing Brush--- has changed my life (This is a daily facial) 2. MAC False Lashes Mascara--- LOVE LOVE!!! 3. MAC Creme Sheen Lipgloss-- Color~Boy Bait 4. Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask--AMAZING MASK great for dry skin 5. Aveda Control Paste ( been using this on my hair for years)
  11. A beta was sent out to developers sometime back... could have been that.
  12. I agree with you Siri voice will change my life!!! And the iCloud beta that was sent out has already simplified syncing... I will pre order mine and hubby's Friday!!!! :yahoo:
  13. Me me!!! Where are you located????
  14. I thought about AT&T but I tried to switch to the U verse bundlevand they do not service my area ( Hiram-- Nebo Rd) . I wonder if I could just get Internet?
  15. I am currently looking to switch my Internet service. I have Comcast and pay 62.00 a month. I know there has to be a better deal.
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