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  1. Its funny as heck to me the apartment complex told the detective "we have never had any car break ins"! I know of three since my mom has lived there. They were STUPID enough to try & use my debit card at the Regions Bank in Paulding Plaza & yes they have video cameras! So, hopefully we will know soon enough the low life that busted my car window & took what didnt belong to them.
  2. My youngest sister is getting married in June, so we drove in from SC to get my two children fitted for their wedding clothes, we always stay at mom's since we moved from the area. Well we arrived about 2am Saturday morning, unloaded our stuff, set the car alarm & as we were walking in, I told my husband I have to come back for my purse......! Honestly, I NEVER take my purse out of my car at the house here in SC. Needless to say we got to talking to Mom, it got to be 3am so we went on to bed. When we started to leave Saturday about 10:45 we discovered that my window had been broken & my purse was missing. The ironic thing is in the same seat with my purse was a camcorder valued at $900.00, & my GSP valued at $200.00 was on the dash NEITHER of them were bothered,leading us to believe this was teens with no access to pawn shops to sell these electronics. Paulding County Sheriff responded, took our info & said we will look into it. We reported it to the management of Evergreen at Lost Mountain, we were told they wanted to speak with the Sheriff, because the security officer had been alerted of three young ladies that were "peeking" into the window of parked cars. The sheriff spoke with these three young ladies & of course they denied any involvement. This is the 3rd report of this same type of situation at that complex. So GLAD my brother is a deputy for Paulding, hopefully they will make rounds thru there in the early morning hours & catch these low life thugs!! Yes I know I should have taken my purse, it just pisses me off that I work 100 hours every two weeks & thugs take what they want!! The apartment complex is the Evergreen at Lost Mountain located at 75 Log Cabin Drive Dallas (the one near Charles Hardy Chevrolet)
  3. Ms. Louise was a very sweet lady, Bill, Mark, Cindy, sorry for your loss. Keeping you in prayer. The Hurley Family
  4. I was the third one in my family to have Lasik & we all LOVE LOVE LOVE it! NO problems at all. We all had ours done in & around 2003/2004. We all used Dr Eugene Smith at Lasik Plus. The BEST $2800.00 I EVER spent. I do not have to wear glasses to read or anything nor does any of my siblings. The day of the surgery was the worse, burning, dryness, but as someone else suggested sleep is the best thing. Both of my children (13 yrs old & 14 yrs old) are both in glasses & I hope they will consider the surgery sooner than I did. Best of luck!!
  5. Nothing to worry about, my daughter had hers out at 3yrs old, and the same day my son had tubes put in his ears. She is now 14 and hasnt had any problems. Best of luck!!
  6. I am having my hair cut & colored by the owner of the salon. I have in the past usually tipped the stylist, usually the stylist has to pay a fee for her booth & purchase her supplies.... Do I tip the owner??? What is the normal % to tip for a cut & color? TIA for any help!!!
  7. I got my 1st (and only) tattoo at 35 (7yrs ago), mine is very personal, it is on my shoulder blade it is about 3 inches by 3 inches & its a butter fly. Again personal to me, the sign of freedon, freedom from a 13 yr marriage that was not good at all! I LOVE tattoos, I am considering a 2nd, again not just something I will pick off the wall of a shop it will also be personal to me... I am a professional, the company I worked at for 18 yrs was totally against piercings and tattoos as alot of companies are, so I will be very selective where my tattoo is on my body. As many before me have already suggested, if in doubt dont do it, also consider where its at, keeping in mind some companies wont hire you because of the tattoo, also as you age some body parts tend to "go south" make sure that tattoo is still in its original location in 10 years.
  8. My daughter was 3 yrs old when I got here pierced, I used it as a bargaining chip, she wanted her ears pierced like Mom's & I wanted her potty trained..... I had tried EVERYTHING & I mean EVERYTHING. We went on a 2 week vacation & I told her if she could go 2 weeks without peeing (or anythign else for that matter) in her big girl panties I would have her ears peirced. We landed back home mid day on Sunday & before the mall closed that evening she had her ears peirced. No problems infections etc. I do have a neice that has VERY sensitive ears & has issue after issue with ear rings, with one that small I worry about sensativity & her not being able to tell you.... Good luck with your decision!
  9. I HATE HATE HATE the media and all their BS with the gas prices! I really feel they drive alot of the increases. As I told my husband, no matter how much it is if I have somewhere to go Im going! We have 3 trips planned to Rome, Ga from Hilton Head, SC in June alone, it dont do any good to fuss about it, so I just pay it & go on.
  10. I had it 8 years ago, I was the 3rd person in my family to have it done. It has been a good experience for all of us. I went from 200/400 to 20/15 overnight & still today see perfectly. No regrets at all.
  11. The little boogers have migrated to South Carolina! We are about 45 miles from Savannah in Beaufort, SC LOVE LOVE LOVE everything except those darn Gnats, now I know where the Savannah Sand Gnats got their name!! Reading online I just saw an "expert" state they dont BITE!!! OMG they must not have visited South Ga/South Carolina this time of year!!!!
  12. OK we need help! We have GNATS every where outside, not inside at all. We cant go outside without them swarming us and biting the crap out of us. Yesterday I was outside for a cople of hours doing some yard work and I have no less than 50 bites on me. DEET helps but nothing else seems to, my kids will not put the deet on, so I need something that will make the Gnats go away! At night they are even worse, cooking on the grill is murder & eating outside is a battle with the swarm. We have found starting a fire in the firepit helps. Is there something that will make the GO AWAY????
  13. Congrats on the new job & move to Florida!! I recently moved from Paulding County after 40 years!!! I got remarried in December & moved to SC in January, its be A M A Z I N G!!! The drive back "home" SUCKS, but we deal with it! Good luck & the home sick will get better.
  14. We LOVE it!!! The food is great & CHEAP!!! Cant beat their prices.
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