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  1. Sports Source has a great booth. She's expanded beyond sports merchandise and is selling chalk paint. She isn't selling the home made mess, it's the good, brand name stuff.
  2. My daughter gets 10/hour plus another 2/hour for each additional child. If the parents get home later than expected they always up it to15/hour. She works for this particular family about 3 times a month. When she was hired they inquired about her prices. Her response was, "I don't have a set price. Just pay me what you feel it is worth to you."
  3. Heritage Hospice in Marietta were wonderful with my grandmother. We used both their in-patient and home care services. They were all loving and gentle people. I highly recommend them.
  4. Off topic... I enjoyed seeing you at the auction. I hope the party went well and you can catch up on your rest. See you next week.
  5. I have a cold. It's home made chicken and dumplings for me.
  6. If you aren't able to find the couple you are looking for you should try Burger's Market in Cartersville. Their arrangements are beautiful, priced very reasonably, and high quality. I change out flowers twice a year and each time I go to change them I am always pleased to find that they haven't faded like most of the others in the cemetery.
  7. Yes, they are in the old Fred's building.
  8. My FIL had it 15 years ago. It was caught very early. He had outpatient surgery and took oral chemo. Everything worked out great. His only life changes are that he no longer is able to hang out in smokey pool halls and he has a throat check every 6 months. He is very cautious and goes to the Dr. every time he gets a sore throat but who could blame him? I'll raise a beer to the hope that your husband has not the same, but an even better experience. Keep your head up.
  9. Thank you for your service K-9 Chico
  10. My muscadine vines are green and beautiful this year but the muscadines are dropping off the vines long before they are ripe. What do I do to save the ones that are still left?
  11. Had it out on a Wednesday and left for the beach on Friday.
  12. I've read the name is DJ Reign and he is known for doing the same thing at other subdivisions. They are purposefully CREATING trouble just to blame others for their delinquency.
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