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  1. I think I like Porter just a very little bit more than Poythress and both just a bit better than Barnes ... but on Porter and Poythress, I'm a waffling. But I can't vote for any of them and vote for post commissioner and DA because those races are being decided in the GOP primary.


    I would, however, suggest that the Democrat does stand a chance against one of those in GOP.




    Becuase a lot of the feeling out there is throw the bastards out ... and that means incumbents. In Georgia, the incumbents are Republican.



    I definitely get the anti-incumbent sentiment, but I still don't foresee this state electing a Democrat for Governor, Senator, or see the state go blue in a presidential election any time soon. I'd be very pleasantly surprised if it did, but I'm just not seeing it. I'll wager you the beer of your choosing if Roy Barnes defeats Handel or whomever gets the GOP nod.


    I like Porter as well, just am not as familiar with his campaign as I am with Poythress.

  2. Since the GOP primary will essentially decide the next governor, I sincerely hope Handel wins. But they all just suck sooooooo bad.


    I've backed David Poythress, but he stands no shot against Roy Barnes, who in turn stands no chance in this bloody red state.

  3. usually a spur of the moment kind of thing.


    post something for sale, or trade, or that you need something for free or cheap....and i'll see if i can accomodate.

    I do have a lot of stuff that I need to sell...maybe I'll get around to that this weekend.

  4. I think its a Vonage commercial, its goes "dun-uh dun-uh, dun dun dun-uh dun-uh, you can stream vids at the park while your boss...

    I think that is "Clear WiMax 4G Highspeed wireless internet"...yeah, it bugs me too, but mostly because they have a similar ad on Pandora. Oh well, it's free (for now).

  5. I see it every work day on the way home from Atlanta...people merging from 285 southbound to I-20 West try to get ahead of the trucks and cross the gore. I was told by a California Highway Patrol friend years ago why it's called the "gore" (it's obvious and is likely not related to the original meaning): it's because they often see the worst accidents in that area and also causes a traffic nightmare when some fool crosses it and causes a wreck and backs up two highways in the process.

  6. Your account of the movie is about as accurate as some of the other crap you are spewing.

    “May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade you every step along the way. May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that's always blue. And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.”


    Have a loverly day!

  7. But, you still haven't listed these mystical cities seeking all America for work.

    What would it matter? You're not moving, right?


    How about states first, will that be acceptable? Minnesota, Oregon, Vermont, North Dakota, and Indiana had a reduction in unemployed over 12 months. Both Dakotas, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Kansas have healthy unemployment figures, especially compared to other states.


    Cities: Burlington, VT, Rochester, MN, Alexandria, LA, Fargo, ND, Lawrence, KS, St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN, Shreveport, LA. Oklahoma City is at 6%. Washington D.C. is at 6.7%. San Antonio is at 7.3%...all better than Atlanta at 10.4%.


    Look at the historical high unemployment rates...many are from the early 80s. I'm glad you all didn't give up on Reagan!


    Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  8. How is it an improvement for America if it encourages the break up of family units?

    You sometimes have to do what you have to do. When the Dust Bowl was killing the midwest, people moved. People followed jobs during the Great Depression. Left-handed relief pitchers can't just sit in Atlanta waiting for the Braves to call if there are opportunities elsewhere. I don't know what you do, but in our rare interactions you've been very kind. You are from here, you put down roots, you don't want to or can't leave, so I guess you're at the mercy of the local economy...which is improving from this time last year ;).

  9. I'd like to to back to Security, it's what I've been going to school for, and I have more experience there than other places. But I've applied for cook jobs, data entry, office work, warehouse, manufacturing, even fast food, etc.., and have heard absolutely nothing.

    Well, I'll keep an ear out for you.


    Made me think of this quote from our last real president:


    A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.


    Just insert Obama for Jimmy Carter and the quote will be just as true today as it was then.

    Blame goes beyond political affiliation, mon frere.


    I'm your huckleberry! ;)

    I'll just take that as we have similar tastes in movies...


    Do you post that every hour on the hour?

  10. It's no secret what I do for a living. And I have never worked IN Paulding. Always had to drive elsewhere for work. Good grief! Wake up! America is not improving. Hopefully, we will see SOMETHING improve after November, but I fully expect martial law to be put into effect before then. How else can the elections be stopped?

    Again, I hope you find your unicorn.

  11. So, you recommend that we leave our lifetime home? Move away from our extended family? Leave the home we built with our own two hands? All because it would make YOUR argument make some kind of sense? America is in a mess. Where in this country do you want to send all of us looking for work? Where is this Utopia of jobs and plenty? What is this magical land? And do they have unicorns there?

    If being employed is important to you, then yes, you might have to leave your extended family and the home you built with your own two hands. I have no doubt that you're more than qualified at whatever it is you do, but if there is no demand for your services here, consider going somewhere where the demand might be higher. Is it ideal? Nope. Sorry. I considered moving, and likely will move to avoid this hellish commute every morning. It is what it is.


    MY argument is that things are improving. YOUR argument is that things are not improving and getting worse. My coin lands on heads, yours lands on tails.


    Your situation will improve, hopefully sooner rather than later, and I do hope you find your unicorn.

  12. A voting revolution is a joke. Politicians are politicians, it doesn't matter which ones we have, as a breed they are dishonest and ineffective. Our whole system of govt is so far away from what it was meant to be that I honestly don't think voting will ever fix the system. It'll take people getting out into the streets, and the threat of chaos to get real change.


    As far as the employment thing, it certainly seems like your life is going better, but for 90% of us, things are just getting worse. Frankly, I do look at the local situation. I couldn't give two pieces of crap about jobs in Boston or San Francisco. There are no jobs in GA. I was talking to my family the other day, because my brother and I both got laid off in the last few months. We were talking about how it's almost impossible to even get an interview. At this point, if you don't know someone at a company who can put in a good word for you, then your chances of getting a good job are very nearly nil. When a company receives 100 resumes for 1 job, they don't even bother reading them all many times.

    Look at Thailand right now. Do you really want that in our country?


    I also don't care about national job reports, but where does the blame lie for the lack of local job opportunities? It lies with those who resisted efforts for job creation in Paulding because they feared changing the nature of the county. Instead, the majority of employed Pauldingites (Pauldians?) commute to other counties, taking away valuable time out of their day to congest the roads and spend their money elsewhere. I would LOVE to work in Paulding, instead I work 40 miles away.


    BTW, what kind of job are you looking for? Every little bit of networking helps...

  13. Here is where we live. Where else should we look? Some of us have already finished degrees and internships. The jobs just aren't there. Your imagined world sounds great. Sadly, most of America doesn't live there.

    I'm sorry for your situation and for those you know who lost, well, everything. There is a lot of blame to dish out, but looking from the bottom up, there isn't much locally in terms of job opportunities, and from what I can tell there never has been. Some people started their own businesses during this time. Others moved to wherever the jobs are more plentiful, the Midwest for example. I don't know many people who have really given it their all to find jobs; they try for a while, get frustrated, and give up or just look sporatically. I can't blame them; it's human nature.

  14. Thomas Jefferson said we should have a revolution every twenty years. We are very due.


    And we aren't so much better than other countries. We are better than some, or even most, but definetly not all. I don't see how we are doing better. A year ago I had a job... and so did my brother... and several of my friends... and now the ones that are working are doing fast food 20 hours per week, and having to take on 2 and 3 roommates just not to lose their homes. I don't see things getting better for the average person.

    Again, what kind of revolution or revolt?


    We are better than other countries. The gloom and doom-sayers will only see things one way; there is no hope of changing their line of thinking. Words like 'revolt' are dangerous and shouldn't be used lightly.


    I understand the unemployed thing. I was for quite a while, but during that time I finished a degree, started work on a masters, took an internship from the GA DOL which led to a term assignment which led to a regular job. Most people aren't willing to take an internship, it's just a fact, and I can't blame them. It's demeaning. It's a step down, but sometimes you have to take a step back to go two steps forward.


    Plus, we have to consider the local employment situation rather than national. Paulding has very limited employment opportunities even in good times. The jobs here are education, government, medical, and retail. Not exactly a hotbed of activity right now.

  15. We're doing better than a year ago? What planet are you on? How many people are STILL unemployed? And how many more people have lost their homes? Better means less people lost a job today? Hell, everyone is already out of work! And businesses have already gone under. So, today, 5 less people lost a job than a year ago today. However, all the people from a year ago are still out of work.

    Come on, you know we're collectively doing better than the depths we as a nation hit in early 2009. Are things perfect? No. Are there still many people out of work? Of course, but we've improved and going in the right direction (and I'm not saying a thing political here).

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