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  1. I live off Hiram Sudie and heard a loud "boom" last night around 12:15 which I thought was a tree a falling. About ten minutes later, I heard tons of sirens. I've been wondering about the accident all day. According to the Nixle report the road was closed for quite awhile.
  2. I heard two PCHS students were in a horrible accident this afternoon. Please prayer for these kids.
  3. I have Lupus and see Dr. Queruben at Marietta rheumatology! He's really good and near kennestone! He's the only one I would see in that practice though.
  4. I had a very bad reaction to it. Send me to the emergency room via ambulance. I had serve tingling in my hands and feet, couldn't even put a sentence together much less try to work. Then, when I was taken off it I had horrible withdrawals. I was only on it a little over 2 months and NEVER will take it again. Just be very careful! If it wasn't for my family watching me like a hawk, I may not have made it through the withdrawals.
  5. Please be very careful with Topamax. I almost died from taking it.
  6. This was right behind my house... I hope everyone is ok. Any updates?
  7. Abney Elementary, HJMS, PCHS C/O 1995
  8. Awesome!!!! I woke up in the middle of the night last night and voted for about a hour!!
  9. I graduated 100 years ago... no really in 1995 and we had so much school PRIDE! The band was wonderful, 100's on members strong! Now, my daughter is approaching high school and we are going to be a Patriot again very soon! Paulding County High School is turning around, WE WILL have the PRIDE, just like we did many years ago! Keep the votes coming.. We got this!
  10. Mr. Fincher has done an outstanding job bringing the PRIDE back to PCHS. Let's help him out by voting for PCHS to be the High 5 Field Trip!!! Come on you guys, we can do this! They so deserve it! PCHS ~ Click here to vote!!!! : )
  11. Wow! He is buried in the same place as most of my family. Strange! His name sounds so familiar. mmmm...
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    Yep, I totally understand.
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    Someone on Davis Mill Road had their pasture clear cut and they are burning the remains.
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