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  1. I am sorry, but I don't know you and you seem angry and hostile. The internet is not the place for that type of attitude. That is why I ignored your comment.
  2. Our search is very personal in nature and in no way involves money. Any credible information is greatly appreciated.
  3. Someone has been kind enough to do the work on that for us. If you type in Waller there, you will see the entire clan. Now we need to find the live ones.
  4. We are looking for relatives or anyone that may have known him.
  5. I agree totally and ask that anyone with any information to please email me through the site and I will gladly share my contact info with you. The reasons for the search are to personal to post online. Thank you so much. I do believe that may be his grave but since his parents are buried there as well.
  6. We are searching for someone that knew James Waller. He was born on or around July 15, 1939 and died on or around October 3, 1981. His mother's name was France Ocille Waller and his father's name was Gordon Lee Waller. Thank you for any help that you may be able to give.
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