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  1. I have 2 ideas that are not really parks but are beautiful. 1)High shoals waterfall off of Hwy.61 toward Cartersville. 2)The town of Euharlee, there is a lot of history and beauty there. Google.....Covered bridge in Euharlee Georgia.http://roadsidegeorgia.com/site/euharlee_covered_bridge.html
  2. That was great. Glad we can leave things on a good note. Have a great day. MODS....the topic has played it's course, close please.
  3. You got me there. Lets just call a truce. I was really interested not just nosey. So, can we leave this topic on a good note? I am offering an apology to you. Now, I have the answer I was looking for about the emergency vehicles and this topic can be closed. As someone else here said...I am glad the lady who was in pain will be fine. SO, lets close the topic and move on. BUT, if you see me caring about someone else, please just ignore me or play nice...thanks.
  4. I was at the game and so were my sons friends. I am ASSUMING that you are refering to the 2 recent accidents I commented on here. One was a FRIEND the other was my NEPHEW. Get over yourself, are you always a jerk? And to answer your question......No I am not a ambulance chasing drama queen..........I actually have a heart and care about people.
  5. I picked my son up at the East Paulding game and as we were leaving several emergency vehicles came in. Does anyone know what happened?
  6. We went to J-Rods tonight and it was AWESOME . We all got the Turkey and Dressing and YES it was REAL turkey. Great food, great service. If you go don't forget to try the beach biscuits...yum. Oh, my favorite side is the zuchinni casserole. Enjoy.
  7. WOW.........where the heck are the parents???? I hope you catch them soon.
  8. Amen. I do not know you Peach but am happy to see you so happy....Congrats.
  9. Sounds good. Maybe they are planning on being open for the movie filming which is supposed to be Monday.
  10. I am confused (and dumb) but how can they lock the doors? Ours locks on the inside. Are they entering the house? If so I would sit and wait on them to come back. And thanks for the warning.
  11. YES...the airport is up and running and the tunnels are complete. And just so you know.. trick-or treating will be held on Monday morning at 5 am so it will not conflict with anyones plans.
  12. My sister lives near Roses store and had an attempted break in at her house last night. Their lights and TV were on, including the front porch light. The dogs were barking and someone kicked the front door. Thankfully it was dead-bolted but I can not believe how brave the criminals are becoming. Like you said.........lock everything up.
  13. While I will not physically harm her I am TEMPTED to go tell her how broke I am and see if she will lend me some of the money she has conned out of people.
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