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  1. Does the landfill takes old TV's? We're moving and wanted to know where to take them. I've called them yesterday but only got a recording, they are closed today. TIA
  2. I agree with you my husband and sons tried it. The razors broke after second use. They loved the shave butter too but not worth 9 bucks!
  3. A Pirate Movie with Kristi Mcnichol and Christopher Atkins!
  4. Looking into buying our first camper. Any suggestions where to look? TIA
  5. We used: Contract Services Company 711 Hwy 92 Hiram ,Ga 770-943-5108
  6. If you had an employee that was injured on the job and can't come to work for 2 weeks. This leaves you short a truck driver can you tell an employee who had a day scheduled off you need them to come in that day because you are short a driver? Our driver said sorry I'm not coming in I was scheduled off before the injury occurred to the other employee. It's only one day.
  7. My husband is at sparkles with the rest of Fedex contractors there. I can't wait for him to come home so I can hug him. Hug your family members a little tighter today and everyday from now on let them know you love them all the time.
  8. My husband is sitting at a parking lot with other contractors. You never expect something like this to happen.
  9. My husband was running late.He had a guardian angel on his shoulder Please pray for all the workers at Fedex and their families.
  10. My husband had a bone graft from his hip to repair his neck at c3- c4. The hip hurt more than the neck and he still has a 3 inch scar o his hip but you can't tell the neck scar. The hip really was where he had the most pain it hurt to sit and move around. He wore a neck brace for a few weeks but he always say the hip killed him for about a week or two.
  11. We use a frozen turkey and brine it every year. We use low sodium chicken broth water and brown sugar thyme rosemary allspice black peppercorns. Never tastes salty.
  12. Looks beautiful!! ooks like a real tree too!
  13. Walmart said it was a technical clitch that caused the price drop today. Didn't say they will honor it when asked by a reporter. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/wal-mart-website-glitch-gives-204117393.html
  14. That is what I'm worried about that it won't work. He goes in Thursday for the stent and they said it could take up to 5 days for him to pass them.
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