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  1. It backs up to my neighbors back yard.... I believe they said everyone was fine..
  2. Dr. Turner and Dr. Sharon are both wonderful... Very patient and kind... My kids love them!
  3. www.Ldag.org/frequently_asked_questions/html There is a time line the school must follow. Most schools are not going to miss any deadlines when it comes to a special educaiton student or potential special education student. But you should be as educated as possible about the process! You are the ultimate advocate for your child! Good Luck!
  4. We fostered for many years in Paulding. (we would still be fostering but our home is full by GA state regulations) We have 4 children in our home we adopted! Plus our bio children. It is so rewarding, but of course heartbreaking at times. It was hard to say goodbye. I hear so many people that say I could never do that because of the kids having to leave... What would they do with the kids that needed a home if everyone felt that way? I believe we touched a lot of kids and gave them a new look at a different kind of life! Fostering is not easy all the time... but so worth the effort to make
  5. Momof3 I did not say it had to be true because it was on face book... I just said they found information that wasn't shared on TV... That makes it a totally different situation.
  6. There is ALOT more to this story.... The entire story is told on facebook at The Hoax facebook page. The uncovered a lot of information that spins a lot of information that the family left out...
  7. http://douglasville.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/2-douglasville-men-arrested-in-paulding-robbery-case Looks like they were caught.. and police recovered some of the stuff.. -Two John Deer Gator Utility Vehicles -Refrigerator -Gas Cans -Propane Tanks -Baseball Equipment (Bats, Bags, etc) -Green Utility Wagon -Extension Cords -Fire Extinguisher -Portable Spot Lights -Miscellaneous Tools
  8. Glad you said food wasn't good... We will miss union 85... On sept 7th... It's grandsons bday.. I was trying to fit in both.. Plus a middle school game... Maybe I won't stress it now!
  9. She's been found... Can mods close this please
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