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  1. I thought the same thing. I am hoping it was a typo.
  2. Both of my sons go to Hiram and yes it will be a nightmare. The one good thing is that the second week of the closure is spring break, so the high school traffic will not be there.
  3. We will see you on 8th grade band night. My oldest is a senior and has been in the band all 4 years and loves it. What instrument does he play?
  4. Based El Zoro's site above here are the rankings: 1. North Paulding 87th 2. Hiram 137th 3. East Paulding 143rd 4. South Paulding 186th 5. Paulding County 203rd
  5. I initially thought the same thing. But, I wonder if the offender and his lawyer felt the investigation was taking too long so they decided to turn up the heat by going to the media.
  6. The reason for that is the tornado, if it is still occurring is moving north or north-northeast and would go from Macland to Dallas Highway then Kennesaw and Acworth.
  7. Yes the flag issue was a significant one, however, you may be fooling yourself if you think his betrayal of the teachers had "little to do" with his loss. Every teacher I talked to (well over 50 of them) voted for Sonny not for the flag issue, but for Barnes' betrayal.
  8. kslac


    Actually the market went up today on the latest Gallup poll that shows the republicans with a significant lead (13 to 15%) when the generic question "who will do a better job with the economy a republican or democrat?" was asked. So Wall St. may be banking (pun intended) on the Rs taking control of the House in 2011.
  9. In all of professional football it is little known Damon Allen from the Canadian Football League with more than 72,000 yards. Warren Moon is second with a little over 70,000. For NFL only it is Brett Favre with 68,000
  10. kslac

    Rain Totals?

    5.16" near Taylor Farm Park
  11. Today is only round 1 of 3. Heavy rain moves back in Tuesday night lasting through Wednesday. Round 3 occurs Thursday. Rain totals through Thursday could be 3 to 8 inches.
  12. kslac


    Code Red?! I thought those were outlawed unless you are Jack Nicholson and Keifer Sutherland!
  13. kslac

    how much rain?

    I'm near Taylor Farm Park and had 16" as of 3 am (since midnight Sunday morning). Since then my wife estimates another 3-4 inches, so would be between 19 and 20 inches (I am at work now, hoping to make it home later).
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