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  1. Do you pour off the liquid that accumulates on the top of sour cream or do you stir it back into the rest of the sour cream?
  2. I definitely think the tattoo artist that did this should be in jail.
  3. I would be happy if an unmarked van backed up in the Food Lion parking lot and sold groceries out of the back of it, just to keep from going into Kroger on Wednesdays like yesterday.....
  4. Wow. Just WOW! "What Im suppose to tell a CHILD that wanna get a tattoo to remember his brother, NO?" Um, hell yes lady, you say "you are a CHILD and CHILDREN dont get tattoos." I want to know how common sense just evades some people.
  5. This has me to thinking, maybe I should start a poll to see how many people stop and look inside unattended cars on the side of the road, I thought that was a police officers job. Also, maybe we should start digging through all these stray garbage bags on the side of the road to see if we can help solve any crimes.... more involved and stuff.
  6. Has it ever occurred to me? Kinda rude but I stated I was a 6 year old child with my elderly grandmother and really had no control over the car I was riding in, let alone whether or not we stopped. We just passed the car thinking someone had broken down and odd why no one came to pick it up. If memory serves the person died from a gun shot wound so no, I don't wish my family had stopped and found that. Wish you'd been there so you could've found them.
  7. I missed the middle half but Phillip Phillips was my favorite!
  8. I understand this and would hate to be faced with that but if I had to do that to keep from miscarrying, I would, but I wouldn't flaunt it in the wal mart parking lot.
  9. I know the one I know of in Austell I thought was nasty when I lived out there, but that was years ago. I have family that lives there and swears by the produce and meat...
  10. Just found out it was senior citizen day at Kroger...*Noted* Thats why it was so crowded and I guess that must be why the elderly lady broke in front of me at the deli, because her Boars Head Tavern ham was more important than my Private Selection baby swiss cheese
  11. They quit ordering trucks when they found out they were closing, thats why there was no milk or bread and barely any meat.
  12. But you have such a wonderful driveway for people to realize they need to turn around!! You should really pave it to make it easier on folks
  13. I swear as this bag is wearing from the weather I see an elbow poking out..
  14. I wouldnt even complain as much if he actually rode in it, but he walkes along side of it so we can take up the ENTIRE aisle I said excuse me more this afternoon than Ive said this month!
  15. I just got back from Kroger and OMG!! That place will give someone an anxiety attack. I havent been that crowded since Wal mart on Black Friday! Every turn someone was about to hit me with their buggy, people blocking the aisle while they browsed the dollar bins, me trying to maneuver that stupid car buggy my son HAD to have and wouldnt ride in...Uggh! I am SOOO going to miss food lion!
  16. Im the one No Reason was replying to. I said in an earlier post I think its ignorant to continue to do something you have scientific proof does harm to a baby. Also, I fail to see the relation between bitchy and judgmental and caring about the health and well being of children, Id like to be educated on that NC
  17. Thats very well worded. Not the issue at hand I was referring to, whole other topic, but the way Im feeling today, I just may start one (another topic)
  18. I wonder how many would defend drinking while pregnant? They say its bad too and has its own list of problems it can cause, but what do they know? Ive known people who did meth their whole pregnancy and some how scathed by and had a perfectly healthy child. Does that mean the doctors are full of crap and just trying to govern how you live your life????????
  19. Ive been told that more than once, about letting things go that are out of my control, and I cant, Im working on it. You're right, I cant tell anyone how to live, but I can sure have my thoughts on it and sympathies for the family on problems that could lie ahead as a result from adults actions. I would feel awful if MY son grew up and realized I smoked while pregnant with him, in the car, in the house etc. I would feel like he would feel that I didnt love him enough to care about his health to protect him from things. I smoke, I smoke outside, away from my child. Ive never smoked in the house
  20. I agree with all of that. Why smoking while pregnant? That is just whats been on my mind since I saw it yesterday and something I wanted to talk about
  21. I accidentally offended a friends cousin the other day when she posted on FB about making a drastic change in color and said she was scared and asked whom I would recommend. She doesnt live in this area so I said, color can always be changed, nothing is permanent, just dont go to Great Clips. Her cousin whom was replying to the same status came on and she works at great clips.....LOL I had to explain that it was just my opinion that if I were that nervous I would use someone who was more seasoned and had messed up a few heads and would know exactly what to do if it wasnt what I wanted and to t
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