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  1. I had one go through Dobbins and two graduate from Hiram (the last one this past year). Loved both schools. Hiram High School is one of the main reasons we did not want to move before our daughter graduated.
  2. We picked up exactly what my daughter was looking for at Target. But, there is a website RHL.org (residence hall linens) that has alot of really, really nice stuff.
  3. From my hometown. Saw the obit when it was first printed in the online version of the local paper and had a good chuckle. Good town, good people.
  4. Thats right, you only need one scapegoat. Here's to a good game tonight and no injuries for either team!
  5. And we both know that they were the somebodies that got to be the "scapegoats". Or do you believe all the other teams are innocent of guilt?
  6. I have one thing to say WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Wow, I wonder what the FBI agent did that got them the chore of handling the "rest of my compaints" as you put it.
  8. Just out of curiosity, what would you have done in that hallway if the report is accurate as stated?
  9. This is really strange. I talked to my daughter and she said the route is the same as last year, around the downtown area.
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