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  1. Ive been threatening a while .. figure someone might be able to give me a jumpstart. Across the street from Roses store there is a small peice of land that has some absolutely huge bamboo. I would love to find out whose owns it and see if they would permit cutting some down .. maybe digging a few up to start myself. Id cut them off at the ground level not to leave small spears for anyone to fall on and dont mind cleaning up all the little stuff going along with it cutting it. I've just got a few projects around . that id love to get my hands on to do a few things with it.
  2. Guess we know whats the 1st concern .. Having to make up a snow day .. or the kids safety and not to be too crass .. A big thank you for those that stayed to cook and take care of the kids.
  3. Subject says it all. Would not mind passing along some information to the parents regarding whoever was in the vehicle recently. Last part of the Tag is 6160. Can provide the rest if you want to confirm., took a nice photo of it. PM me for details. Look to be about 4-5 teens in the car. Male driver and at least 1 female with bright dyed red hair. Seems they decided to just stop in a subdivision cul-de-sac, and wander around a bit. Then preceded to start tossing trash out when they returned. Got upset when the wife told them to pickup their trash out of the road, decided to use some sailor like language.
  4. localres73


    No idea .. wife just called says the smoke is quite thick coming from Ridge road area into Hiram .. Not exactly sure where .. But its thick enough shes was concerned
  5. Thinking back 24 hour, I wish i would have gotten a bit more information, or made more notes. We have had some questions regarding a neighbor in the last 6-8+ months. To make things pretty short. We assume they got in trouble with the law and decided instead of facing their deeds they just up and moved our .. or were arrested. They had a older couple coming back checking on the place 1 a month or so, gathering mail, etc. (i recognized them and the vehicle from when they moved as something that helped. Maybe 3-4 weeks .. we noticed those same older folks gather certain items from the home, in what looked to be a move out and clean up. Still have not thought much about it. We have had a official folks stop in on queries to the couple... Mail / Sheriffs office ... etc... All asking the same things we suspected .. they just up and left or had issues. Yesterday i had a couple folks stop by .. few papers in hand, asked if we had noticed how long it was since someone had been in the residence. I asked why .. he explained the mortgage company had been requestedto come out and inspect the property .. it was suspected of being abandoned. I gave a little bit of info and explained i really was not sure .. but we had not seen the owners in a while. This morning while walking the dog... wife noticed someone ripped the AC unit from the home out during the night. It was there for certain last night ... gone this morning It could be a coincidence .. or it could have been planned... I really do not know for sure If you happen to have someone stop by asking questions .. Take better notes that i did. Maybe a tag #. Unfortunately the little bit of info I was providing the Sheriffs office was not enough to get much done, They are simply waiting til the owner (or mortgage holder) of the home reports a theft.
  6. Blehhhh ... i kinda figured as much. I hate to do it but i guess ill just buy some of the ones online. Shipping wont be too much different if i account for 1.5 - 2.0 hours of gas and time ... vs 12 shipping if i just go ahead and buy 4 or so at 8/9 bucks each online. Even if i need to touch em up some. Thanks all.
  7. yah web site said July .. rode by today and it looks like the place just never opened back up.
  8. Anyone seen a place local that has some of the surplus military boxes? was looking to grab a couple of them.. pref the .50 or .30 cal metal boxes. But i cant find anywhere local that might have them .. I hate to head outside the county if i can find them close by. (out near roses store here). If anyone has seen a shop that's actually still open that has them, please let me know. Thanks all.
  9. Add and responsible in that and i would agree completely.
  10. I carry concealed all the time on school property. As long as you have your license and stored properly stored in your vehicle and not walking around with it .. its fine. The real issue here isn't he had it in the car.. (unless it really was a machine gun, but that is another issue with that term being pretty liberally applied now). He threatened someone ... had it out of the car .. pointed it at someone .. That is illegal even if he was not on school property, or if it was a bb gun
  11. Most of the employees still have not got their automated calls and no-one has notified any web site that the 2 hour delay has been swapped to a full closure. The schools on web site still shows a 2 hour delay. YAY for advanced planning.......... That being said they have been closed for the day apparently.
  12. Depends on where out here.. its entirely possible it was someone obeying the laws. But with the daily occurances of having to avoid kids playing on the road, i find it unlikely. And yes it was life flight that landed looks like in the field right at the bad curve on courthouse park. Just off Hutchinson's Pass. (flight landed here.. not sure exactly about the accident. "http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=33.846311,-84.995218&spn=0.002838,0.004957&t=h&z=18"
  13. I know this is horrible, but ive seen this coming for a while. There are a couple adults that ride out here all the time up and down the roads .. Of course with the adult doing it now the kids are ... 3-4 different sets of kids and adults always riding around no helmets, no protection ... 4 wheelers and motorcycles both .. of course no tags and no regard for anyone else on the roads. Had one of the dumb kids decide to pass me in the oncoming traffic lane because the 35MPH limit wasn't fast enough for him. I hope they aren't hurt... but then again i hope they are at least taught a lesson. But Darwin always seems to win.
  14. please let me know if you have kids or plan on it.. Ill make sure NOT to have anyone mention it when your little morons act stupid.
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