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  1. Camera equipment is expensive, good camera equipment is really expensive. As a photographer, your business and livelihood depends on this equipment; what would happen to your business if your gear was lost, stolen or damaged? If you don’t have insurance for these invaluable pieces, you definitely need to get covered. What Kind Of Policy Do I Need? The type of policy you would get to cover your camera and equipment will vary depending on the type of equipment you have and how much it is worth. It also depends on how you are using your gear. Non-Commercial Usage If you simply are an avid
  2. These aren't in any particular order just a list of problems it can cause. Going without insurance is never a good idea.
  3. (Cue infomercial voice for the next few lines) Are you frustrated with your auto insurance? Are you ready to drop your coverage and find something better? The problem is the order needs to be 1) Find something better and then 2) Drop your previous coverage. Having a lapse in coverage has many consequences. Never cancel/drop your insurance coverage without a plan The common attitude towards insurance these days unfortunately isn’t very friendly, so there is a decent chance at some point in time you will want to leave your current insurance carrier and find something better. We understand th
  4. Give us a call at 678-715-0463 to get a no obligation quote. Rates are always changing. It never hurts to shop. I personally was with Allstate for over 10 years and finally took a chance to find a better rate. Auto Owner's saved me $85 a month on my auto insurance.
  5. Using a homeowners insurance calculator can help you get a ballpark figure of your home’s replacement cost which you can use when shopping for home insurance. What Does It Do? A homeowners insurance calculator is designed to give you a rough estimate of how much insurance you should purchase for your homeowners policy. You might find a calculator on your current insurance carrier’s website. Otherwise, just do an online search for the term “homeowners insurance calculator” or visit some well known insurance company websites to see if they have one. These calculators are free
  6. I had a realization the other day that a lot of the TV shows and movies we watch can teach you something about protecting your small business. Particularly, how to protect it from employment practice liability lawsuits. [Tweet “Over 40% of employment practice claims are against businesses with fewer than 100 employees”] So what kinds of things fall under the category of employment practice liabilities? Harassment Discrimination Wrongful termination Retaliation deriving from the employer/employee relationship Invasion of privacy Let’s look at some examples: 1. The Mad Men Effect If
  7. There was one by Kroger on Ridge Rd and also a car on fire at the ballpark as well.
  8. RIP Kittycat. It was an honor to have met you.
  9. Previous Next Rental Car Insurance: To Buy Or Not To Buy? Whether you buy coverage from a rental agency or use your own car insurance, it’s wise to make certain you have enough coverage to pay for costly repairs if you should happen to suffer an accident in a rental car. Before renting, familiarize yourself with your insurance options. If you already have car insurance, call your insurance agent and find out if you will have enough coverage under your existing policy. You can also call your credit card company: Many offer coverage when you charge the rental. Either way, these two o
  10. Give us a call today for a no obligation quote.
  11. http://myfoxatlanta.upickem.net/engine/Votes.aspx?PageType=VOTING&contestid=146315#SubmissionDisplay
  12. Yes personal articles policies are awesome. Always discuss valuables with your insurance agent to make sure you are properly covered.
  13. Flour Child Cakery on Ridge Rd is the best. I've gotten all my cakes from their the past few years.
  14. Protect your belongings for a low yearly premium!!!
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