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  1. Some of you have reading issues. I'm not talking about baseball pro football soccer etc. I specifically said college football and basketball. I'm talking from experience. We have more damage more drunks more fights at games in the south then anywhere else. I wish I could post the bills on line to show you all. It's not make believe. I never said it doesn't everywhere else but it isn't nearly as bad. I could also careless if you wouldn't move up North but I'm guessing if your entire family lived up there you may feel differently. Now I have to go catch a plane to the Rose Bowl. Ya'll have
  2. You skip the post where I said it happens everywhere or just choose to ignore it cause it didn't fit your purpose?
  3. No. There is a self life for pro athletes and he is near the end of his. An established team doesn't need him and a rebuilding team isn't going to start with a QB in his mid 30s
  4. Nope never said any of that, believe what you will. Ironically my car got keyed in North Dakota of all places.
  5. I go to games from Maine to Southern Cal with my new job. I just happen to live in the South. Once my house sells we will be moving back up north not due to football but because that is where our family lives and I can live any where with this job as long as it's near an airport.
  6. Never said it didn't but when it comes to college football from someone that attends multiple games a week sometimes a day the SEC and other southern schools are by far the worst, needing the most cops and most crowd control. It's a simple observation. My company has had more items stolen and destroyed at a single UGA or BAMA game compared to a whole season at Ohio State.
  7. Been a while since you have been back home I guess. They have classed up the joint since allowing folks like you in. There is a strict no jorts policy now.
  8. Mizzou is only in there 2nd year in the SEC. I forget they are part of the group. Vandy is like the kid that gets to join the frat to raise the GPA. They barely have fans. The others you named are just as bad. Don't let the suits and dresses at Ole Miss fool you. MSU bring cow Bella to the damn game and A&M. That stadium has it's own campus police jail in it the crowds are so bad. And if you've been going to games that long I give you congrats at using a computer at over 100 years old
  9. I'm sure the few pints of moonshine she drank don't help matters. She could barely stand up.
  10. You missed where it was for work didn't you? And the last thing that is going to determine where I live is if I like the college conference in the area. That's flat stupid. Trust me I wouldn't step foot in there if I wasn't paid to do so. I'll be the first to tell you Michigan sucks ass this and the last few years with no hope in sight.
  11. I'm just saying I have been to football games at almost every school in the country (work related for the most part) and by far the SEC has the most white trash ill behaved fans of ANY set of schools.
  12. The white trash fans that root for these SEC schools is amazing. Most of them don't have a GED let alone a prayer of going to the school they are so "die hard" about. It's not just Bama. Its ALL OF THEM. I have been to home games at almost every SEC football and basketball arena. She is the norm, not the exception....and I know I will catch hell for this but the only place worse then Bama, is UGA for this kind of thing from what I have seen.
  13. Making it legal and regulated does so much good but the Bible Belt crowd will NEVER go for it. 1. As you mentioned the taxes. 2. By selling it legally you take the street value of the illegal down to next to nothing, reducing other crimes that are involved with it being sold. 3. Jobs. Now that it is legal you have to have people produce it in a legal manner, this means work. As it has been proven over and over and over again that there is no more risk or health damaged associated with weed as there is with beer and wine there is ZERO reason not to leaglize it.
  14. Oven. We use it maybe twice a year. We warm things up on the stove top, microwave and toaster oven. Basically the oven is just a stand for the stove top. When we were first married our oven broke at some point and we never knew until we went to sell the house 4 years later.
  15. By law everything has to be sent out by 1/31. If you have companies that are producing your documents later I would file a complaint. There are plenty of folks that don't have anything more then a W2 so they can file as soon as they get that. All the high school and college kids that work for me don't have 1099s or pensions so they want thier money ASAP.
  16. You aren't the first to tell me that. Might have to get a babysitter and check this one out.
  17. First 10 things on your DVR, no cheating.... Michigan Vs. Western Michigan Hockey Game from GLI Tourney NCIS (Wife loves this show, I think its cheesy) Bonnie and Clyde (The History Channel movie) A Football Life from NFL Network Octonauts (Kids favorite Cartoon) Magnum P.I. (Our gulity pleasure) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse White Collar (Wife's show no idea what it is) Hell on Wheels (One day I will get through this season) Graveyard Carz
  18. Not sure I have read that one, I will have to check it out.
  19. Spent more then before, but as our son gets older the price of his gifts do as well and we welcomed a niece and nephew into the family this year. We elected not to exchange gifts (wife and I) and instead take a long weekend vaca to the beach in March (just the two of us, my SIL is watching the kid) so if you add that in our spending is way up as we normally put a 100 cap on our gifts.
  20. The funny thing is my Grandfather would tell you that the Charlie Daniels Band and the The Oak Ridge Boys were too rock and roll to be country. It's all in the ear of the beholder.
  21. I listen to a lot of country. From Cash, to Willie, to Garth to Luke Bryan. If it sounds good crank it up. I have a feeling a lot of "puriest" that complain about today's country listen to an awful lot of it to know just how "bad" it is.
  22. Lee Harvey Oswald. George Washington John Lennon Marilyn Monroe Elvis Dale Earnhardt This is stricly personal interest. 1. I want to know the real story of who killed JFK 2. Should need no answers, but to get the real store of the battle lines during the revolt. 3. What was it really like to be more popular then Jesus 4. Ties in with JFK, along with the theory she was nothing more then a pawn and a high grade hooker used to get hollywood back on track 5. What was it really like to invent something, be loved by millions, but never really feel loved? 6. I meet him once, and it
  23. Fair enough, as I hadn't watched the show I made the assupmtion it was like any other reality show. Looks like I was wrong.
  24. I've never watched the show. Couldn't tell you the first thing if its good or not. I just know from someone that does marketing they are breaking the cardinal rule, over exposure. Eventually doing this will bring you down, just as NASCAR, they did the same thing about 10 years ago. I really could care less if the cancel the show or it goes on for a million years. I just find the crowd that are claiming his rights have been violated a little laughable. He didn't go to jail for saying it, he lost his job, just like most of us would in that setting. As for his priorities being right,
  25. This is waht happens when you get to big for your pants. Their names and faces are on EVERYTHING from air freshner to beach towels to cupcakes and wine. When that happens EVERYTHING you say is under a microscope. he has the freedom to say what he wants. His employer has the right to terminate his contract. Much to do about nothing.
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