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  1. In honor of the Olympics, we just got back from rafting the 1996 Olympic Course on the Ocoee. What an awesome day it was.
  2. Post them on here. Now. You obviously have something, so let's see it. Time is ticking.
  3. The lie I was referring to is the one you stated that you bet that I knew about if he inspected sheet rock that came from his company. I don't know and suggest that you call Tony about it. I don't have to.
  4. What about the Coach's Corner at the new skating rink? Great food. Great drinks. Lots of room.
  5. Give him a call. I do not know and watch your accusations. If you do not know an answer do not spread lies.
  6. My link The above link has two very good interviews. One from Chairman Austin and one from Mr. Crowe. I really don't think that Pubby's suggestion was any type of stunt. Even though we banter back and forth, I can not believe that he, nor LPPT, would stoop so low to see their guy get elected by asking people to do something unethical, sneaky and low. I want to believe that his wording was a little off when he offered the suggestion of taping the conversations and not letting Mr. Crowe know he was being taped.
  7. Like most liberal sites, you think you are fair and balanced when you are not. I get my local news from the Patch and the if I want to know a good place to eat, find a great deal on used items, see the latest gossip I go to PCom. As far as tolerating people coming to my place of work taking a dump in my floor... It happens every day in my line of work. When you are a public servant and people remind you day in and day out that they pay your salary, and we don't do a thing, we are a waste of tax payer money, we are lazy, that anyone can do our job, feel they have the right to treat u
  8. The way the staff at PCom have fallen over themselves over David, the chances of Tony coming here to do an interview is not likely ever going to happen. This place is far from being an objective news site. I understand this is Pubby's playground; however, if you are going to be taken as a serious news outlet, you need to be objective, fair and balanced. Let's face it folks, sometimes this place is like the Jerry Springer show. It's a great place to hook up with folks and to get great deals on local stuff. As a news site. Come on. Really?
  9. When you give a candidate softball questions hours in advance of an interview the candidate will always shine. Good job folks.
  10. Try spending a little more time on that site. It covers the entire state and ALL of the regions.
  11. rchaos

    Did anyone

    Careful Glassdog or he'll lock this thread as well.
  12. It is almost like a few WANT this thread to be moved somewhere else so it won't show up on a Google search. If it does, another will be started. This is news afterall. Deal with it. The notion that the thread title was posted with GLEE is laughable at best. This is a NEWS SITE according to some here. "Read All About It" has always been associated with news. Not all facts are in yet some a screaming one side is 100% in the right. Calm down. For a news site, some posting here are awfully slanted.
  13. For those who need catching up I found these posts from about a year ago. It's as far back as the search here will let me. Very, very good reading. My 1st link My 2nd link My 3rd link My 4th link My 5th link
  14. It is my understanding that the Open Records Act was revised very recently and there are still several local and state agencies that are working to get the "kinks" out.
  15. This is your second topic regarding this. What is your point?
  16. Each High School is allotted a set number of exchange students. Paulding, North Paulding, Hiram and East Paulding High Schools have reached their limit. South Paulding still has an open slot. We were lucky to host the last East Paulding High slot for this year.
  17. Exactly. There are people on this board who think they can. Another thing I find quite odd is that this thread has been on this board for about 6 hours now. I have yet to see Surepip enter this thread at all? Of all the threads on this board he's been on, whether it had to do with the lawsuit or not, this would be the one I'd expect to hear from. I, and I am sure that a lot of other people on here, would love to hear what excuse his lawyer gave him today on why they had to hear from this on PCOM, of all places, and not by him 2 days ago. Pubby stated that he had heard about the
  18. I find it interesting that neither PCom nor the Patch has seen this. Two local news agencies not given this information is very suspect indeed. It does sound political as LPPT noted earlier in this thread. Seems like someone very high up, out side of the news mind you, was trying to keep this close to the vest. I am sure that the Morrison's are having a WTF conversation right now with Mr. Stinson. Even they just found out about it this morning according to LPPT. As for the bold, and underlined statement of Pubby above, it has been stated many, many times before in hundreds of threads,
  19. You did not reside in her district when you lived here. Your comment about payback does nothing but hurt her. The will of the people has nothing to do about the outcome of their suit. We still reside in a land that is governed by the rule of law, NOT the will of the people.
  20. You think? What concerns me is he is the City of Hiram and the City of Dallas' attorney. Maybe open records requests for both city billings are in order.
  21. This statement is what causes people to think her running is for personal reasons only. Statements like this do nothing but hurt her chances, NOT help.
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