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  1. In honor of the Olympics, we just got back from rafting the 1996 Olympic Course on the Ocoee. What an awesome day it was.
  2. Post them on here. Now. You obviously have something, so let's see it. Time is ticking.
  3. The lie I was referring to is the one you stated that you bet that I knew about if he inspected sheet rock that came from his company. I don't know and suggest that you call Tony about it. I don't have to.
  4. What about the Coach's Corner at the new skating rink? Great food. Great drinks. Lots of room.
  5. Give him a call. I do not know and watch your accusations. If you do not know an answer do not spread lies.
  6. My link The above link has two very good interviews. One from Chairman Austin and one from Mr. Crowe. I really don't think that Pubby's suggestion was any type of stunt. Even though we banter back and forth, I can not believe that he, nor LPPT, would stoop so low to see their guy get elected by asking people to do something unethical, sneaky and low. I want to believe that his wording was a little off when he offered the suggestion of taping the conversations and not letting Mr. Crowe know he was being taped.
  7. Like most liberal sites, you think you are fair and balanced when you are not. I get my local news from the Patch and the if I want to know a good place to eat, find a great deal on used items, see the latest gossip I go to PCom. As far as tolerating people coming to my place of work taking a dump in my floor... It happens every day in my line of work. When you are a public servant and people remind you day in and day out that they pay your salary, and we don't do a thing, we are a waste of tax payer money, we are lazy, that anyone can do our job, feel they have the right to treat us like 3rd class citizens, yell at us, curse at us, yes it tares you down. We read posts day in and day on here about how we are good for nothing and don't do our job right. Even though the pay is lousy and the working environment sucks at times, I still enjoy helping those who need help. I gave up a great paying job 5 years ago and still do not regret it. We even get it from our supervisors and bosses and even higher up. We have busted our asses off doing 2 and 3 peoples jobs for the last 3 years, living in fear of who else is going to get laid off. I'll never forget the day when our manager called all of us to a special meeting and threatened every one of us that we could be fired with only 3 votes from the board and he would not have a problem getting the votes. Never forget it. Never will forgive it. Now that it is election time, the powers that be are happy go lucky with staff when we were lucky to get the time of day from them any other time? I can honestly say that a lot off good has happened in this county over the last 3.5 years. There was a lot of hard work by ALL employees of the county, not just David. It was the Department heads who cut, re-cut and slashed the budgets. It was the employees that are now doing the work of 2 and 3 people on less salary than they made 4 years ago that provide close to the same level of service 4 years ago. I know I am not special in my viewpoint, just like yours. And PCom is certainly not an asset to the County. Trust me on that one. If you already do not know that this site is a place for water cooler jokes and such you need to change out the lenses in your glasses. If it was considered a real news site, it would be used as the official organ for the county. Trust me, it is not. I'm sorry if it sounds harsh, but the truth is the truth. This is an entertainment site. It offers a lot of information. There are some great thing on this site. It is an opinion site with a liberal slant owned and operated by liberals. It is not a fair and balanced news site.
  8. The way the staff at PCom have fallen over themselves over David, the chances of Tony coming here to do an interview is not likely ever going to happen. This place is far from being an objective news site. I understand this is Pubby's playground; however, if you are going to be taken as a serious news outlet, you need to be objective, fair and balanced. Let's face it folks, sometimes this place is like the Jerry Springer show. It's a great place to hook up with folks and to get great deals on local stuff. As a news site. Come on. Really?
  9. When you give a candidate softball questions hours in advance of an interview the candidate will always shine. Good job folks.
  10. Try spending a little more time on that site. It covers the entire state and ALL of the regions.
  11. rchaos

    Did anyone

    Careful Glassdog or he'll lock this thread as well.
  12. It is almost like a few WANT this thread to be moved somewhere else so it won't show up on a Google search. If it does, another will be started. This is news afterall. Deal with it. The notion that the thread title was posted with GLEE is laughable at best. This is a NEWS SITE according to some here. "Read All About It" has always been associated with news. Not all facts are in yet some a screaming one side is 100% in the right. Calm down. For a news site, some posting here are awfully slanted.
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