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  1. Windy Hill Road, not that that is close at all. There MAY still be one in Woodstock, but the one in Cartersville & Town Center are both gone I friggin love Schlotzkys
  2. I thought I heard rumor of a Trader Joe's coming to Hiram But that was several months ago, so who knows.
  3. I know what's for lunch tomorrow............... a sub
  4. Jersey Mike's is AWESOME, but I haven't had one in years! Locally, I have to say Publix, but my favorite sandwich in the world has to be Schlotzkys Yummmm-mmmmmy!!!
  5. Leftovers (spaghetti or chicken & dumplings or chili)
  6. That gave me chills! Just awesome
  7. It is kind of funny that I just read this. This afternoon, my husbands extension cord melted into the leaf blower socket (where you plug the extension cord in). He SAYS my son plugged it in wrong Do you think it is fixable?
  8. RIP little guy. Prayers for his friends & family.
  9. My step-brother who is a hair dresser, said big hair will be "in" this spring/summer, so you are ready
  10. Ryan, thank you for your service to our country, RIP. My prayers go up for his family & friends.
  11. You are an amazing photographer Now I have to leave this thread because we are done having babies and these pictures make me ache
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