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  1. I just absolutely love this family!! I got to meet them for the first time last Fall at Miss K's session, and was so excited when they called me to come out and photograph their brand new little guy!! Mom also loves black and white images, so this session was processed all in black and white. He is just adorable!! And it is very obvious that Miss K is going to be an amazing big sister! Congrats again, he is just wonderful! :wub: This session was done in their home... I prefer to photograph newborn sessions in the family's home if possible... It is easier for Mom and Dad, and it
  2. Thanks for all the comments you all! Obviously, she is not hard to take pictures of... She really is a cutie pie! Amen to the person that said thank goodness her daddy is a police officer! I'm sure that occupation will come in extra handy in a few years when the boys start to flock!! That should keep them in line!
  3. I had the absolute honor of meeting the one and only Baby Apple last week for a session at White Oak Park. She is even more cute in person than she is in her pictures (as if that was even possible!). The weather was great and we had a blast running around for a little bit! She is just a delight! Personally, I absolutely love the 1.5 - 3 year olds... that is right about the time when their bold personalities starts to really blossom and they start to become little people! SO much fun! Here are a few of my favorites! Enjoy! (her mom made this super cute tut
  4. Just a few sneak peaks for the moms! These two boys are cousins and we had a great time running around the park together! Enjoy!
  5. There are currently TWO spots left for the photography workshop on Saturday! If you missed the first thread, the workshop is this coming Saturday (April 11th) from 4:45 - 7pm at White Oak Park. If you would be interested in attending, please send me a quick PM and I will send you the link to complete your registration. This workshop is $25 per photographer and is best for beginner or intermediate photographers who have a digital SLR camera, however all levels are welcome. The first 45 minutes I will go over the basics (camera features, proper exposure and focus, composition techniques, an
  6. Thanks for the great comments you all!!! For everyone that PMed me about the workshop at White Oak, I just sent everyone more information! Saturday will be a blast!
  7. So this weekend was jammed packed with festivities... I hosted a get-together for children's photographers up at Berry College and we had an absolute blast! I just wanted to share a few images from our fun weekend! Also, I am hosting a local photography workshop (similar to the one we did at Berry) this coming Saturday (April 11th) from 5 - 7pm at White Oak Park. If you would be interested in attending, please send me a quick PM and I will send you more information. This workshop is $25 per photographer and is best for beginner or intermediate photographers who have a digital SLR camera,
  8. I sent you and Malibu a PM with the link to all of them a little while ago! Let me know if you didn't get it! I hope you all enjoy them!
  9. Here are a few more previews Granny and Malibu! I am uploading your full gallery as we speak! I will send you a PM with the link. She is so cute!
  10. Thanks for all the sweet comments you all!!! :wub: This little guy was just precious!! Me neither!! But i'm sure you are a little more anxious than I am. Keep me updated! Thanks J! I have a few more pics coming your way this morning too... (P.S. Got your PM, I was at an out-of-town wedding all weekend) You guys are hilarious!! I know, I showed the pics to my husband to "test the waters" and got shot down pretty fast. HA! We just got married in March of 2008, so we both want to wait a year or two little longer... but the newborn cuteness fa
  11. I did an in-home session for this adorable brand new baby boy last month and just had to share the cuteness! I absolutely LOVE photographing newborns, there is something just so calming about holding a brand new life. :wub: If anyone is about to become a new mommy, we have an amazing "First Year Sessions" package that includes a free belly session, along with a session for your baby as a newborn (under two weeks old), three months, six months, and a year old. At the end of the first year I put together a custom hard-backed coffee table book of all the sessions for you to keep,
  12. Nope, nothing. Miss Ellie is a tough cookie when it comes it getting a smile out of her! She is just smiling on the inside. However, me barking like a dog was fairly popular, and playing with our giant reflector and the white flower were also high on the entertainment scale... HA! For anyone that has done a kids session with me knows that i'm not the "quietest" person out there... I will do anything to get a kid to have fun. Thanks Pubby!
  13. Your bunch would have gotten along great with Little Miss Ellie today! She had a little shiver episode of her own, so we took a break and warmed her up a bit in the car. When the wind wasn't blowing it was warm and beautiful, but every so often the wind would start up again, and we would bundle her up in between pictures. She was a trooper! Just send me a PM or email when you want to set up your session! I can't wait to meet your crew!
  14. She is the most serious little person I have ever met!!! We did get a smile or two out of her though... I might just have to post a few more sneak peaks for mom and granny tomorrow (they are both pcommers )
  15. So I met up today with Miss Ellie for her 9 Month/Easter session! This is definitely not the same baby I met at 10 days old! She has HAIR!! It was a little chilly due to the wind, but she was such a trooper! Here are a few of my favorites from today, plus a few spring pictures I snapped at the park (I couldn't resist... It was beautiful today!). If anyone else is interested in setting up a session between now and April 12th for Easter pictures, please send me a PM. I have a special discounted session fee for Easter sessions. I just added a few more pictures to the bottom of this
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