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  1. Jennie


    thanks guard dad
  2. Jennie


    thanks Krwills, great ideas and suggestions!
  3. Jennie


    I have to admit I bought the vienna sausages and the potted meat a ham one and pot roast I believe he took a couple sandwiches and the potted meat so we will see. Not sure about the sardines but who knows when a man is hungry if its in the cooler you eat right? Thanks everyone for the suggestions and apple pies OMG that sounds delish!
  4. Jennie


    thanks, MissSophie, Blondiegal1 and Lady Raider. A yeti is not in the budget right now but maybe if we start saving we can get one in a few years I bet they are awesome though! I actually bought some beanie weenies, spaghetti O's with meatballs, some potted meat( a little scetchy on that but see if he likes it) Did grill some chicken he liked and he did take it on Friday so I know that works along with the fried chicken. Will just have to do trial and error on some things. Thanks for all the great ideas!
  5. Jennie


    thanks Brian, creative one and LPPT. Great tips and suggestions! I do freeze one gatorade and leave one cold along with 3 cooler packs. The company provides the water for them so he has unlimited supply. The plug in cooler does sound good but they would not want to waste the gas just to keep food cold. Thanks!
  6. Jennie


    thanks Blondegal1, How well does that lunch hold up in a cooler left in a work truck in 100 degree weather? Looks great though!
  7. Jennie


    thanks creative one!
  8. Jennie


    I posted a few weeks ago about how to keep lunches cold while working in this Ga heat. Wanted to know if anyone has any ideas as to what to pack because my son is now sick of sandwiches. No microwave to heat anything up due to working outdoors. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I did hamburgers but I am clueless! thanks!
  9. Dr. Richard Maguire at Ortho Atlanta located at Paulding Hospital. 770-445-5666. He is great fixed my shoulder that had torn cartlidge and that was a few years ago and the Physical therapist is right next door and they are great as well.
  10. thanks The Sound Guy and Lady Raider more great ideas! thanks krwills!
  11. thanks 2013HOG dry ice will not be used. I did freeze his gatorade this morning so waiting to hear from him when he comes home as to if it was any better. Thanks to everyone for tips and suggestions!
  12. thanks Mrs. G I was wondering about dry ice do you get yours a publix or somewhere else?
  13. thanks surepip I will see about getting one to throw in.
  14. thanks JYD any information on this item.
  15. thanks tbird. I do wrap the sandwiches in a paper towel and put in a ziplock bag. I pack a few gatorades have you ever froze the gatorades? Will try the bowl also and wrap the ice packs too. Good ideas thanks!
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