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  1. Looking forward to going up to take pictures of them and watching the little ones grow
  2. Thanks all for the help and suggestions Have already paid through July for services and Waste Management DOES NOT!!! prorate a refund if you cancel service.
  3. Was fed up with Waste Industries so found Simple Waste a local company too switch to. Want to keep local companies in business they were very helpful inn switching our service. Now I find out today they sold out to Waste Industries. So back to the same routine of having too deal with them and them charging for any extra trash we want to put out on occasion and them coming through the neighborhood at 5AM. Just frustrated Rant over Tully
  4. As a Chicago native his food is on point! Hot dogs, beef, ect are a taste of home
  5. The only thing Oprah is running for is the refrigerator!!!
  6. If it is anything like the place they opened in Woodstock Yeero Vilage it will be amazing!!!
  7. DNR has looked at the video and say it is just a big house cat.
  8. The other day there was a guy out front of my house when it was so cold and windy. I felt sorry for him out in the cold so I asked if he wanted to come in and warm up. He was pale white with a red knitted cap on, coal black eyes, a long skinny nose almost carrot looking, and long skinny arms that were too thin for his body. So I let him come in and said he could stay on the couch for the night. It was late so I went to bed and when I got up in the morning he was gone. No note saying he was leaving or anything!!! The worst part is some time before he left he peed on my carpet!!! So be o
  9. Rhett I think it has to do with reciprocity between states. The states have decided to recognize drivers licenses from all states. As far as other licenses (concealed carry, professional licenses, ect) each state sets their own standards for issuing licenses and if they want to recognize licenses from other states . The mandating that all states recognize same sex marriage licenses is NOT reciprocity between states but mandated from a federal court thus taking the states right to choose what they want to recognize.
  10. The topic says it all. We need someone to clean our house every 2 weeks. I need some recommendations from the pcom community Thanks Tully
  11. Casablanca How about "We have a full tank of gas. A half a pack of cigarettes. It's 106 miles to Chicago. It's night time and we are wearing sun glasses. Hit it!!!"
  12. Be very wary of getting a dog off of craigslist. Many are from puppy mills or unreputable breeders. My wife and I have worked with Atlanta Doberman Rescue for several years now. If you have any questions about Dobermans let me know. They are a very misunderstood breed. Most are 80 lb lap dogs that just want to snuggle.
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