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  1. Miss Crump


    Several reports of harassing emails and private messages to members. This will not be tolerated. If you get these, send them to a moderator. Most of all, grow up the three of you.
  2. Yes. When we do move it, we get accused of being liberal if the Left is winning the discussion. If the right is winning and we move it, we get accused of folding to the cries of the Right Wing. Both accuse the moderation team of being biased. Often it is easier to keep the fight in one thread than to let those fires spread to many.
  3. At the request of the original poster, this thread is closed. - Helen
  4. Gentle readers. There were several off topic posts in the thread about Notre Dame in flames and there was a report about one of those in particular. The mod team felt it best to split all of those off topic posts instead of removing just the one because that is the fair way of doing it. Hope you all understand that it wasn't anything personal. - Helen
  5. This thread is closed at the request of the original poster. - Helen
  6. Thread closed. A report was made and it is best to just close it.
  7. We discussed that too. In this instance, refrain from using the real name. It's just courtesy.
  8. Obviously, the person wouldn't mind at that point. Obviously. We are on the same page. That is why Rafe said there was a lot of discussion back and forth to get this right. It's not about one or even two members. It was many more in the last few months who objected. Don't go assuming. Have a Mayberry Day!
  9. This has run long enough. I'm going to lock this thread.
  10. If you boys want to whip out the rulers, go ahead but in the next thread. I'm going to close this. I know none of you can wait to make everything about politics, proving to yourselves how right your side is and how wrong the other side is. Grow up. Act like you want the other people to act and not like they do. If the other gets pissy, be an adult and let it go. Don't fire back because you got shot at. Let's see who has more character from this point onward. Thread closed.
  11. We've had 63 posts of name calling, condescension, innuendo, and all sorts of childish behavior. This thread is closed.
  12. Degraded to the normal pattern. Time to shut it down.
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