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  1. The lack of political posts is clearly working. The non-political post count by people other than the 'Team of 9' has gone up by at least 1 (maybe 2) over the last month.
  2. It appears that is has basically turned into a place for the Team of 9 to communicate with each other instead of using other methods.
  3. The new paulding.com is a quiet peaceful place to hang out....
  4. Looks political to me. Sounds kinda hateful too.
  5. I thought posts about national politics were no longer allowed?
  6. Mods: feel free to edit this if you don't want it posted. Not sure if against the rules or not.
  7. I guess you missed all the posts saying it was a bad idea to get rid of the political forum here?
  8. The other forum you're talking about has liberal members also. The fact you couldn't survive there more than a day is your own fault.
  9. The majority of Paulding county holds conservative values. Just sayin...
  10. Good luck competing with Nextdoor.com and Facebook.
  11. Who are/what is "Occupy Democrats"?
  12. That redirects back here. I'm lost....what is kickthesand.com for?
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