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  1. https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/invision-community-apps-for-ios-android-r1161/
  2. My opinion for what it is worth: the default page when the site loads should be https://paulding.com/forum/forums/ instead of https://paulding.com/forum. This would go directly to the list of forums instead of requiring either clicking for new topics or clicking on the forums link at the top. And I still think many of the banners and images are way too large and make the site look old and outdated. Other than that, it's great!
  3. Why invest money in an app when site traffic is so low?
  4. Someone in Iowa finally went out and bought a calculator! Iowa Dems release '100 percent' of caucus vote totals showing Buttigieg ahead, amid calls for recanvass https://www.foxnews.com/politics/iowa-democrat-final-caucus-vote-totals-buttigieg-sanders
  5. There was a forum setting that replaced the word Trump with that text instead.
  6. They are still not done counting. Wow.
  7. I see that the forum software is still setup to replace the President's name with OURcurrentPRESIDENT. Seems pretty childish to me.
  8. Republicans are almost done counting and.....surprise!....#OURcurrentPRESIDENT won.
  9. Sounds like the Democrats are having major problems counting votes. Ultimately I think Bernie will win but the technical issues are pretty embarrassing given the number of actual app users they would likely have. And yet they want to control healthcare for 300 million people.
  10. Disclaimer: the following comments are highly subjective but are also based on many years of creating and working on websites. In my opinion, the 'new' paulding.com looks very unprofessional with many of the graphics in use. For example, the image to the left of the new politics forum is way too big and looks unprofessional. Also, the ads are too large especially considering there are three ads on most pages (the ads also look unprofessional, in my opinion). The forum organization is also less than ideal with most current active forums in one section. Again, all of these things ar
  11. Well, being banned for a while makes it a little hard to participate. Before that, paulding.com, over the last few years, turned into pretty much a place with 3 types of posts: 1) politics 2) drivel from TP and 3) non-discussion type posts (obits, business ads, etc.). I participated quite heavily in the politics section and, aside from posts from some other specific people (who I won't list here), enjoyed the back and forth about important political topics. Some will argue the politics section is what caused many people to stop posting in other sections. I'd argue that it's
  12. The lack of political posts is clearly working. The non-political post count by people other than the 'Team of 9' has gone up by at least 1 (maybe 2) over the last month.
  13. It appears that is has basically turned into a place for the Team of 9 to communicate with each other instead of using other methods.
  14. The new paulding.com is a quiet peaceful place to hang out....
  15. Looks political to me. Sounds kinda hateful too.
  16. I thought posts about national politics were no longer allowed?
  17. Mods: feel free to edit this if you don't want it posted. Not sure if against the rules or not.
  18. I guess you missed all the posts saying it was a bad idea to get rid of the political forum here?
  19. The other forum you're talking about has liberal members also. The fact you couldn't survive there more than a day is your own fault.
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