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  1. We've let this topic go on long enough as it was a news interest. Now it is the A topic only. Closed.
  2. Floyd

    I am sad

    Closed. Again. Same ones.
  3. This is going nowhere. Closed.
  4. No PMs so I guess it's all good.
  5. The topic that was moved wasn't a news story. It was a political post about the whole of conservatism and the Republican Party. We made the decision to move it. The complaints about the moderation are just not true. The thread is still there and can be read. This one is closed. We don't discuss moderation on the board. If someone wants to talk about this, PM me and we can do so off line. Floyd.
  6. Yes. The topics were political and were moved to the Political Forum. Floyd
  7. ​Sweet THING! You can be my deputy any time you want. Hahahahaha!
  8. One side says the other is race baiting and the other side says they are being baited. One side the other is racist. The other side says they are called names. Play like children and the play ground is not fun. Bullets are going to start flying for being political in the Cafe. This is getting crazy.
  9. Tattle Tale? Nothing like what I heard Hello Sarah? telling the other night about you and Sam Drucker out behind the fillin station. Hey, Bea, you know we can still post to the topic even if you close it. Only Andy cal shut it down so no body can keep talking. hehehehehehehehehehe
  10. Oooooo. I'm telling Andy that Bobby Jo is on the prowl again!!!
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