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  1. my sons girlfriend flip her car b/c of black ice on mulberry rock rd please be safe she was trying to get home from west ga last night
  2. i have not even been to bed yet
  3. Hiram played last week hiram won 39 to16 over harrison
  4. yes we won 39 to 16 i am so glad football is here
  5. i think itwas his head and he was in shock he will be ok they look to let him go home sat morn. he is one of our seniors
  6. everything is ok there was a letter sent home with every players .i have to say the staff the boe where on top of things .
  7. i am new and i don't them but the past few days i have come to know you . i will pray for you and all the familys may god bless you and keep you strong .
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