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  1. What he says LOl love it
  2. Thanks for almost all the suggestions. lol LL i will be calling u and thanks
  3. My Husband had to have open heart surgery a little over 3 weeks ago, he is doing very well now, still weak and has to take it easy. But now we are having to change our eating habits. Using a lot of herbs to season our food with NO SALT. If you have any good recipes for heart patients I would really appreciate it if you will share with me. Not too complecated please. lol. Like to cook and eat mostly simple dishes. Also if anyone has any extra herb or mint starts they are willing to share that would be fabulous too. Thanks and Blessings.
  4. My HUsband will be 70 in Feb and we will have to pay the school tax next year but the following year we won't
  5. If they r not good done throw in the microwave for a couple of minutes and pooph they r done. works every time can be done with or without added water LOVE THOSE BOILED PEANUTS
  6. Physical therapy and massage, Laura at the Herb Depot is great I think they are a commerce member on here
  7. You, Sir should be a writer, well said and agree with you whole heartily. I am from S Ga and the first time I came to N Ga I fell in love with all the beauty. Happened to have been a Thanksgiving vacation.
  8. Couldn't have said it better weatherboy, WELCOME TO PAULDING Bigsky, hope you have a safe and trouble free move.
  9. It does I encourage you to try it, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  10. yes it was, I'm spoiled and love to be pampered
  11. Went to the salon this week and got my hair, feet, hands and a facial oooohhhh feels so good to be pampered. Let me tell u these ladies at Allon Salon are awsome, they really know how to pamper and make u look and feel younger than u really are. I have to show id to prove that I'm a senior citizen, now that is awsome. Call them and they will pamper you tooooo. Thanks Peggy, Carmen, Sue and all the ladies at Allon Salon.
  12. fayes


    Hale Automotive commerce here best i've ever seen highly recommend. Fast, reliable, and affordable.
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