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  1. Sorry, been so busy with sick kids. Call us...678-736-1156....to discuss what's going on with your carpet. We CAN help!
  2. Call us at 678-736-1156. Don't do anything else to your carpet until you talke to us......we will be glad to let you know your options.
  3. Hi! Please check out our online vidoe at www.PowerOfCitrus.com You can see how awesome our process and solution works on oil stains. Call us tomorrow at 678-736-1156
  4. Just had doug Sanders come to my home and install a garage door opener, repair another garage door and measure for a quote for deck stairs. Professional, friendly and very capable. Thank you, Doug, for your great work. We truly appreciate you and will gladly recommend you to others. Joe and Lori Paul
  5. lapaul

    Silly Bands

    I was surprised that Paulding County Schools allow silly bands in school. My kids' previous school in a different GA county did not allow them because of the distractions they cause....i.e., playing with them in class, trading, disputes. However, the high probability of passing germs is one I had not thought of......I think they should stay at home for sure.
  6. Have you noticed dark areas along your baseboards or under closet doors??? Be sure to use your vacuums's edge tool around your baseboards once a month to help prevent this condition, called "air infiltration". Air infiltration is cased by air moving from place to place in your house while the heater or air conditioner is running. Your carpet is actually filtering the dirt out of the air. So be sure to vacuum regularly and use that edge tool often. Not to mention having your carpet cleaned professionally every 6 months to a year. This will help improve not only the life of your
  7. Such Important Advice....I sooo miss those pics that were on the SD card in the camera I lost this summer. Irreplaceable. BACKUP is Right. Thanks Geek!
  8. Wish we could go....maybe next year. Sounds like so much fun! And what amazing deals.
  9. Citrusolution Carpet Cleaning of Paulding County offers rental property owners and alternative to the carpet cleaning processes you are used to. Our process dries in less than two hours. We work wonders on pet stains, Georgia clay, spills of all kinds....you name it, we've probably gotten it out!!!! Check out the video of crank shaft oil stains in an apartment being removed using Citrusolution. www.PowerOfCitrus.com We are licensed, insured, and a member the Paulding County Chamber of Commerce. Please give us a call, 678-736-1156. We will give you a guaranteed price quote. We would lov
  10. Be sure to CLICK the "Coupons" button on PComm to find CitruSolution's $$$Saving coupon for your carpet cleaning service.
  11. Allergies & Asthma According to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America (AFFA), "the role of carpet has been scientifically proven to trap many of the allergens which t rigger allergies and asthma and keep them out of the breathing zone t0 help alleviate problems for those who suffer from these conditions…" Your carpet is a giant air filter. Just as changing your HVAC filters regularly is import to your home's air quality, having your carpets professionally cleaned, is an important step toward reducing those allergens trapped in your carpet.
  12. There are three things you can do to extend the life of your carpet: 1) VACUUM, VACUUM, VACUUM. Like any other fiber, carpet will last longer with the proper maintenance. Frequent vacuuming will keep abrasive soils from cutting and prematurely wearing the carpet fibers. 2) Avoid using carpet cleaning processes and spot cleaners with a soapy, powdery, or foamy base. They leave a residue in the carpet fibers. Soapy spots have a tendency to yellow and leave sticky residue that resoils quickly (aka "reappearing stains"). That's the reason you thoughly rinse after shampooing your hair
  13. A natural fall backdrop definitely makes for great family photos!! Perfect to include in Christmas cards.
  14. Also.....forgot to mention that we offer all inclusive, flat rate pricing. No extra charges for those spots and odors that are common in everyone's carpet! We guarantee the price we quote to you over the phone....and promise no hidden fees once we arrive at your home. The only way your price changes is if you add an another area of carpet. Give Lori a call today for your quote. 678-736-1156 And remember....Citrusolution Cleans Better, Dries Faster, Stays Cleaner Longer, Smells GREAT....and it's Environmentally Friendly! Plus, our citrus-based cleaning solution is safe for all your 2-leg
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