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  1. He's not mad at god, overit, but at bigotry!


    It is the people who pretend to be Christians, but act just like the Chief Author of our Declaration of Independence says they act. See my signature below.



    It is easier to focus your anger on anything, other than what you are truly angry at.

  2. WTF is wrong with you? Did you miss the part where the man is saying his wife is bedridden with MS?


    Let it go. Back out and take Overit with you. He lashed out at religion, not you. He needs support, not some bonehead defending their trucking religion. :angry:


    Don't be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good.



    Really? I haven't mentioned my religion! I mentioned bitter and angry. It's hard to be a care giver and work outside the home. Pushing people away who are willing to help, due to anger, makes it harder on him.

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  3. The people that have abandoned me are those I've gone out of my way to help. I would never belittle someone trying to help me. However, I refuse to believe in religion when they prey on fear and bigotry. Quite frankly, actions mean much more than prayers. When people say I'll pray for you, it mostly means I'm busy with other things and I can't be bothered. One of my neighbors, who is religious, has been wonderful to my wife and I would do anything I could to help them. They have given us more than we've given them and for that, I am eternally grateful and I would never disrespect her faith, she truly tries live it. I hope you never have to go through what I'm going through, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. It's like living a nightmare on a daily basis. Yes, I'm getting help but quite honestly, counseling and anti-depressants only dull the pain and can't take away the fact my wife has a disease that will slowly kill her. During the school year, I exist on 3-4 hours sleep many nights and if my wife becomes incontinent or her catheter is pushed out from bladder spasms, I may not sleep at all. So, when you walk in my shoes and live in my world, tell me how well you would handle it.


    From the above post, I gather as long as a religious person is giving you anything but prayers you except their faith? It takes a long time to figure out what faith or religion you want in your life.


    I have walked in your shoes, just a different disease. You are at a place where you are mad as hell, at God. So, trying to talk with you about my experience isn't going to help.

  4. Having just lost my mom earlier this year to the effects of MS (she and Mrs. TJB likely have similarly aggressive strains),the fact that you're praying to a God who is slowly killing your wife, mother, husband, friend, etc., is about the last thing one needs to hear. It's rather easy to sit and watch from afar as a disease, with no real intention of killing its victim (mom died of pneumonia from choking on food all the time, MS itself is not a terminal disease), toys with a loved one until they're nothing but a motionless shell of their former selves and say, "hey, don't worry about it...I'm praying for you.".


    My parents also experienced extensive abandonment from friends. Until you're in those shoes, you should respect the man's opinions. You have no idea what he's going through.





    Lost both my parents with a month of each other. The man is bitter and full of hate. He needs help, if he chooses to continue on the path of anger at anyone that "prays" for him.....he will soon be all by himself, wondering who can I hate now! Guilt, blame, and anger will eat you up inside!

  5. Sorry. I think a lot of these so called "Christians" also dislike Blacks, Muslims,liberals ,and anybody that doesn't look or feel like them and they use the Bible to support their bigotry. I grew up Catholic but soon realized it was a scam, as all religions are. If the religious leaders threaten "doom and gloom" and tell their congregations the end is near, it keeps asses in the seats and is good for church business. Look at scam artists like Joel Osteen living in the lap of luxury, while receiving donations from the poor, hoping for eternal salvation. My wife faces the ravages of Multiple Sclerosis and is bedridden; as her disease has progressed, our friends have abandoned us, including the phony bastards who "say they'll pray for us". Those who have stuck by us are not religious; they are atheists and yet they have displayed more Christian behavior than the hypocrites who claim to be Christians. Please don't be sorry for me, be sorry for yourself. From what I know about Jesus, he wouldn't give many of you so called "Christians" the time of day. I think it's despicable how many religions use fear as a way to gain followers and then behave in a way that is "ungodly". I'm ok with my "path", perhaps you should examine your own first.


    Wow, and you wonder why people abandoned you? You are filled with so much bitterness and hate. You need help! Seriously, the Christian's are still praying for your family from afar. If you belittle them like the above post, no wonder they can not be around you.

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  6. That is a different issue altogether as that involves incest.


    This is not about incest but about the legal contract to marry the person you want to marry.


    The argument you're using is the same as the one used to support Jim Crow laws. There is no difference between that civil rights issue and gay rights. The same 14th Amendment should apply to everyone. It is working its way through the courts. Again, one day your position will be viewed in the same light as the segregationist.



    Actually it's about a Christian man standing by his convictions on same sex marriages. :pardon:

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  7. Really wish people would learn how to read. THE PARENTS ARE THE ONES WRONG. These little kids do not go out a buy the clothes or maybe you think they do ? The parents are the ones dressing these kids like sluts . NEVER have I said the kids themselves are sluts . Some of them are brats but sluts no. If you want to get into with me at least try to stay with what I said.



    And having a great time doing it.



    I really try not to pay you any mind. Trying to keep up with what you say, puts me on your hag, bitter, and nasty level. I choose to be happy!Bless your heart. Misery loves company, and I find myself liking happier company. :pardon:

  8. Lady my point is kids not participating in dance or cheer

    are not any less succeptible to being preyed

    upon. Predators to not discriminate.

    Your the childish one calling parents trashy

    who allow their kids to participate in dance and

    cheer. You specifically called out those two activities.

    As far as hard truths being hard to hear, contrary

    to your arrogant self, your words are not everyone's

    truths. I could go on but your not worth it.

    I have one question though. Why do you keep

    posting on a message board that you obviously

    have such distaste for?

    You are a very judgemental, narrow

    minded person. Hateful and vindictive as well.

    You accused me of following you around but

    who just followed whom?

    I'm beyond bored with you, you are wuite deranged.

    Go back and read your posts, you said some pretty

    messed up stuff about innocent kids.


    You made some great points! There is nothing wrong with children taking dance classes. There is something wrong with people who choose to call innocent children sluts.

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  9. I get it. You can't make the distinction between PERSONAL beliefs and corporate governance. Got it!



    And you my dear should know, a christian is a christian 24/7...not just when they are home!


    I can see you really do not care there are different views on this. You just want to be the loudest hypocrite and have your view heard! We see you! We hear you! Your job is done! :wacko: Congrats, you have now taken this topic into the most annoying "right" fight! Yeah you!

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  10. Let's try reading for comprehension this time!

    ["I don't begrudge Mr. Cathey his personal beliefs! However, we're not talking about PERSONAL -- We're talking about a corporate belief and culture!"]


    For his personal beliefs, I have no interest in what he personally believes. However, I do have an interest in corporate beliefs and practices, which should not take the form of discriminatory language FROM THE CORPORATION. I choose to not side with a group that includes, but is not limited to haters. Since Chik-Fil-A is a business, the only way that I can show my displeasure is through withholding my support of the company. It's nothing against Dan Cathey. I've met him and I like him, but to announce a systemic corporate belief against gay marriage??? It might be time for him to take a vacation and consider the implications of that announcement.


    Gollay, looks like a struck a nerve. Nothing is wrong with my comprehension skills. It's his company and unless you have stock or work for them, your "little" interest will not change the fact that Chick Fillet is successful. He is not the only company that has made their belief's public.


    It's his belief that marriage is between and man and a woman. That's his right, if he chooses to preach that at his business, he has that right. He has been running a Christian based company since he opened it, and this little blurp will not hurt it. I doubt, you refusing to eat fried chicken will prevent him from sleeping at night, nor will him standing up and speaking about his convictions!

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  11. I'm still a little fuzzy on the interest that a chicken restaurant has in the personal relationships of its customers. They sell fried chicken and the customer buys it. You mentioned "bible principles". Which ones are you talking about, specifically?


    And what interest does a restaurant chain have in determining the "correctness" of the personal relationships of others? Why is it any of their business? If it's biblical, provide some kind of link information that speaks to this issue.



    So you think it's okay to discriminate against him, for his religious belief's? I will call you a hypocrite. He has spoke of his faith for as long as I can remember, openly!


    Who cares, eat more chicken...or not!

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  12. WTH just happened, is your wife placed the blame on you for your daughter not getting new shoes...because she was being selfish. I would never do that to my husband or my daughter! Looks like you are raising 3 kids instead of 2! :blink:

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  13. Ummm, you gals are grown adults! So the nicknames tell me, RUN LIKE HELL..unless you are prepared to do high school crap again.


    Women who gossip with you, will gossip about you! I had a group of friends that gossip, tell lies to cover up when they got caught, and down right scum. Life is sooooo much better not dealing with them, and I can laugh my ass off at them. I would put them in their place before you write them off!

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  14. Usually you never bother me when you post in honesty. But I have to say that his post bothered me. I know you were just trying to make a funny, but just the same, I wasn't calling her that. I'm here for some serious help from friends on here about how I can help my friend that I'm very worried about. She is good people and it just hurts to see her go through this. I want my old friend back and I know she wants her old self back. It is the blind leading the blind here. She doesn't understand nor do I.


    I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I apologize! I just know you are brutal and honest, and hoped you would use caution with her appearance. I know you would never hurt her feelings, but frustration some times makes us say things we would not normally say.


    I also know, you have a great heart and will help her through this! I still think she is lonely and she is going to need you a lot in the next weeks to get a handle on this.

  15. I did some research but not making much sense to me.


    I had to take a break from a friend because I can't deal with negativity for very long periods of time.


    I've noticed that she doesn't want to do anything any more, go out, do the things she use to do. She just wants to stay home, shut off from the world. Hell, I thought I didn't like to go out, but me, it's because of the heat. I don't do much in the summer but always gone in the fall, winter, spring.



    I have taken a step back from her because now she doesn't want to take care of herself. Like take a shower, brush her teeth, comb her hair. She is 32, and she use to be so much fun, but now she is either very angry/hateful or she is just sad and depressed, that she doesn't eat, move, nothing. Dang, I wish I could stop eating, might lose some weight. lol


    I don't know of any trama that she has endeared. No deaths, loss of job, friends, nothing that I know about.


    I'm not getting this? How can someone who was so good natured just go down hill like this? She hasn't gone to the doctor yet or if she is even going to go. It saddens me to see her this way but at the same time, it's hard for me to be around her. I don't want to break off our friendship because I don't wanty her to get upset and I want to be here for her, but I can't be around her as much. It will only bring me down and I hold my head up and proud to be a bitch! LOL


    I have to laugh and make little jokes, because she is really getting to me and I'm worried. She won't listen and the anger omg, I thought I had a temper.


    Is anger part of depression?


    Youse guys just help me understand, I've never been through this with a friend before.


    Dang Lucky, kick a girl when she is down. You called her fat, angry, and dirty! :pardon:


    On a serious note, maybe she is lonely and needs a change of scenery for a couple days. Can you suggest to husband to take a family vacation, or just take his wife on vacation? I would try other things before committing her to medication.

  16. Did I read his pcom banner right? It says he wants mandatory school prayer and "In God We Trust" over the door in every school? Oh, hell no! And mandatory death penalty for some crimes? Is he crazy?


    Yeah, it makes more sense to teach sex ed and gang banging instead.....

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  17. I try not to engage with people like that, unless they are causing harm to my family. I had an encounter this week with "Debbie Downer Drama Queen", I pitty her, she is completely alone and bat sheeze crazy. She makes me thankful for the great people in my life, and extra thankful for all the ones I no longer allow in my life!

  18. I don't think its the flatest but we have three acres(a pain to cut and rake too) and most of the lots aren't that large. I agree it appears somebody is teaching them right, to show respect. Shamed to admit I haven't met their parents or it wouldn't be so difficult Thanks for the ideas on how to approach it! :drinks:



    Tell them, you need help raking the yard in exchange for playing football in it. :lol:


    Also want to add, a lot of kids do not have their grandparents close. You just might be helping these teens without even knowing how much a wave or smile means to them.

  19. If you can find me a Doctor that will take payments and do tests that I need with my credit (And btw my credit is bad because of medical bills), then I will gladly go. The last one I tried to see wanted me to have an EEG but then said oops no insurance so no go. And further more didnt want to see me anymore because he couldnt run tests on me because I couldnt pay for them at the time of service. This was after I had been going to him for 10 years. As far as her being a social worker, she is not. She works for the SS office not DFACS, but thanks for the warning. And on the holier than thou part. It doesnt matter what the topic is, some people on here think they are better than you because they arent on government assistance. As of right now they may not need it. But God forbid when they do. Karma is tough. Going through it now. And they think they do know it all by saying I am trying to defraud the government. They dont know me at all so they dont need to jump to conclusions. I can sit here all day and defend myself but it isnt going to do any good. So have a good day.


    I don't think people are acting holier than tho, I think people are so tired of the abuse of the system and footing the bill. Most insurances have went sky high, and we are paying the price. Your first post sent the wrong message, you corrected it. Keep checking doctor's you can find one to run the test and do a payment plan.

  20. Ok first off. I said I wasnt posting anymore but this is why I am grouchy. People talking what they dont know. So second,you must know me. Or you have seen some of my posts. I dont smoke and havent for about 4 years.And he has never touched a cigarette in his life. Third yes I go to the bars. But if you know me then you know the bars is where my bf works and makes his money so most of our tabs are free. The ones that arent we spend very very little when go which is a minut* fraction of what medical bills are. So as Judge Joe says "If you listen you might learn something".



    And yes truce.


    I don't know you, hence the "people" and "their". My belief is, if you can drink and smoke you can pay health insurance or doctor bills. Sorry, that will not change.


    As far as, you spending very little on a bar tap, see a doctor with a payment plan. You can spend very little on a payment, and still get the health issues under control. Food for thought. This is how most people do it, so instead of calling everyone hollier than, and know it all's, maybe you could take some advice on how to manage paying the doctor until you get your free coverage.


    Best of luck, a word to the wise, try not to piss off the case worker...they are helping you in the end.

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