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  1. Maybe your friends kids are the little "angels" that cause problems, and that's the only time they get involved with the school.



    :rofl: Don't act like an ass and insult parents and kids you don't know. Didn't you pull your OWN angel out of school because he couldn't handle it? Do you hold the teacher's hand this year to make sure they do it the way you want it?......... See, you just got pissed over my insult, didn't you? ;)


    Maybe we should let the OP have topic back. I not interested in a pissing contest with you...you don't realize other school systems are leaps and bounds ahead of Paulding. You can settle for that education for your kids if you wish!

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  2. Excuse me!!! SPMS is the best!!! My DS is doing very well there. Better then expected actually. Matter of fact all of our friends who have kids there think it's the best school around. I have yet to hear any one complain.



    :rofl: :rofl: The best!!! Bless your heart, give it time. You will see. Funny how your friends love it, and the majority of people I know hate it.

  3. The SCHOOL didn't sexually assult the girl, one bad apple did....or two....



    Every school has a handful of rotten apples that ruin it for the rest of the kids who are just trying to learn.



    I saw Dobbins was the school Moonie was talking about. I should have explained myself better. Dobbins seems to be strict but productive.


    EPMS and that side of town...you harldy ever hear complaints.


    SPMS was AWFUL. Still is! Kids do fantastic when they transfer away from there.


    Austin...ummmm has some really great ESEP teachers.

  4. The 2am was an example I used with a hoody to demonstrate what makes people suspicious, this actually happened much earlier in the evening.


    What people don't get is that it is perfectly ok to scrutinize this situation as possibly racially motivated especially when it comes to the inaction of the police department.


    When you look at the stats they tell you that young black men are compromised by the actions of others.

    We have to offer protection to the young black men that are staying out of trouble, educating themselves, we can't stand by and let them fall victim to what others of their race are doing.


    Where is the protection, who is standing up for them? It certainly was not this kids fault that statistically more blacks in his region are committing crimes, he has no power over that, all he can do is what he was doing, going to school making good grades and staying out of trouble. Where is his protection from the stats.

    The message is no matter how hard you try you are going to pay the price for what others of your race do.

    He deserves the protection of everyone in our society and what he got was a bullet.


    I am white and it makes me angry that nobody in that police department even considered that this was a good kid, minding his own business and this guy attacked him. As a society you would think that we want to nurture and protect black kids that are beating the odds,when a police department fails them, they fail us all.


    Ok, I was trying to figure wth a teenager was doing out at 2AM...and why the hell Zimmerman was awake at 2AM. :pardon:

    I have been pondering why Zimmerman was allowed a weapon permit. After reading about him beating up a cop...seems to me he would not be allowed a permit.

    I also wonder if the lady who changed her story, is afraid for her life with so many group's now having interest in the case.

  5. Whats next? Im stuck. My daughter dont want to go back to school on Monday because she said that they didnt do anything to the other little boy. So what makes me think that this will be handled to.


    March your ass up to the school and demand punishment! The offense warrants 5 days of OSS, per Paulding School District Handbook. And, yes you can press charges, contact the school resource officer.

  6. I still don't understand where this man had the authority to question or detain this young man. That really bothers me. Most men aren't going to take much crap from a man that walks up and does that when he doesn't have a badge. I should of occurred to Mr. Zimmerman that anybody could take an exception to that and he could possibly end up in an altercation and have to use his gun.


    He more or less decided on his own that the kid was up to no good and took matters into his own hands. People of course are wondering if he wasn't arrested because the police understood his motives, a black person walking at 2 am in a hoody.

    I also wonder why if it's not freezing cold someone is all covered up where you can't see anything about them, what are you hiding for. Hey if it is stylish or cultural to hide up under a hoody, you might want to rethink it in the light of what happened. I ask myself if it is about being black or hiding under a hoody at 2am.

    You have the right to go around looking suspicious, just accept the consequences of it. I mean come on hiding your face, who does that and why?


    Mr. Zimmerman probably thought the same thing, but he had no business confronting the kid. He should have waited for the police, we will never know exactly what happened, but in my mind Mr. Zimmerman was in the wrong and the kid lost his life because of it. You can find justification for what he did, concern for his neighborhood, the kid looked suspicious ect. What that leaves is Mr. Zimmerman not being immediately arrested for suspicion of murder and it leaves people to speculate why not. The police are the ones on trial here, I am pretty sure if it had been the 2 on the street in hoodies that got in a fight the one still standing would have been arrested for murder on the spot and the rest worked out in the courts.


    Mr. Zimmerman was assumed to be the good guy because he appointed himself to neighborhood watch and armed himself. For some reason the word vigilante comes to mind, maybe a little over zealous to play cop?



    I ask myself, what parent allows their child to walk the streets at 2Am? WTH? It's horrible that a child lost his life. As a parent the quilt would eat me up, knowing I allowed my child to roam the streets like that!

  7. I didn't mention the word guilt one singe time,empathy understanding or lack of yes.

    I intend to maintain that attitude. Black people are not my enemy and they are not taking anything away from me.

    When they do and I can clearly see it, I might jump on the band wagon.


    I don't march to anyone's drum. I care about our kids. When I say our, I mean ALL children, no matter what race. I don't teach hate in my house and let my children think the world owes them something.


    Black people are not my enemy either...stupidity and entitlement are.

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  8. This situation is changed one attitude at a time.

    I am in charge of my attitude towards people of other races and cultures.

    I judge individuals and their actions.

    I feel threatened by individuals that want to harm me personally for any reason.

    Most people fighting for racial equality feel threatened, I find it very frightening that someone would harm me based on the color of my skin, or not allow me an opportunity based on the color of my skin.

    I personally can't think of anything negative done to me because of the color of my skin, nor have I had to consider if it has.

    Basically I feel like that is one of the privileges of being born white which I had no control over whatsoever.

    I simply don't have the ability to really feel it any other way.

    I really have nothing to lose by looking at the situation from others viewpoint, because at the end of the day I will still be white.


    I will never wonder if I got stopped by police because of my skin color, it wouldn't even cross my mind, I don't have to carry that burden in my head.

    But I do see I have to carry the burden of fear because others are haters.

    The wrong in this whole situation is the hating, and the people that justify their hate.

    I can not think of a single personal thing in my life I have lost due to people of another race, but I have lost personal safety in my mind.


    I don't feel privileged for being born white. My family, generations before me and myself have busted our ass to have what we worked for. I honestly can not believe you said that! Maybe I am taking it wrong, but I don't feel quilty about coming from a great family...through blood, sweat, and tears have EARNED what we have.


    Police officers are black too! I just don't live my life believing any black person who talks to me has an underlying desire to my demise. Passing this down to your children is where it chaps my butt! Anyone can anything they want to be, if given the correct mindset....I worked my ass off to get here....instead of....play the victim and it will be handed to you!

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  9. I kinda think black people have a right to feel a little sensitive. It wasn't that many years ago, in Alabama, that the police looked the other way while black people (including women) were beaten in the streets for riding a bus. I might be sensitive too. But then again I have what is called empathy.



    Maybe, but using that past for a crutch to spew hate...not so much. I should not have to pay for the things my great, great, great, great grandparents did. And quite frankly I am tired of hearing excuses for this type of behavior! Our kids are being harmed, for the simple fact of their skin color! If you want a better life stop with the hate and teach your children the world does not owe them anything!

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  10. Ex- PD restraint of the child is not an issue. Self restraint is beginning to get difficult. BTW he is 9. We are emptying his room now. He is sorting all the scatterd Legos into 1 bin. You can not imagine the toys that he has destroyed. I agree that he has too much stuff. What you see in the picture is mostly "art work" that he has drawn. I am telling you I emptyed out 8 garbage bags full of paper and garbage. Not old or broken toys.





    I wish you luck. Some days just suck. If all else fails just taze him. Only joking....

  11. He is ADHD and ODD. Oppositional Defiance Disorder. That is the one that is KICKING OUR COLLECTIVE BUTTS. He does not do "NO" or "Yes" if it goes contrary to his wishes. He takes meds now and has been seeing the counselor. We started with a new one this year because of insurance. All I can say right now is that at 18 either he or I will be leaving this house. I will not live with him any longer unless his attitude corrects. And you better believe he will not be getting a license until his 18th year. I will not be responsible for putting a driver on the road with that attitude. And even then he will have to get his own license, car and insurance.


    Ref. the picture. That was taken after an hours worth of work just getting into the doorway. I'm meticulus and it took me that long to sort "legos" from junk as it were. That was about 6 PM. I got the Garbage, And I do mean just garbage, together and bagged for pickup this morning at about 10 PM. And that was just doing it quick after I got into the room.



    His room has TOO much stuff. I suggest a binge cleaning. A bed, clothes, and a few books. I know he is only 6, but if he is breaking expensive toys..why allow him to have any. My oldest has had his room stripped several times. About every 3-4 months, he has earned it back, just in time to strip it again. Yes, I use it as puinshment, but if you are acting like an ungrateful pain in my ass, I will make you see how good you have it. The cycle took 3 years for him to "get it". Now I can take one thing and he "gets it".

    You should also take a course in restraint, sounds like spanking will not work...maybe a special hold will be soothing and help him learn to self calm.

  12. I do my best to give an explanation. Please give me the benefit of the doubt again. I'm not being a smart rear, I promise.


    When I answered Lady Raider it was a general answer. I did that because I did NOT have the specific details or answer at the time and did NOT want to want to misquote anything especially board policy. I did NOT give a time period or any details. That is why I don't. I would prefer to forward specific questions via email so that if I do not have immediate answer, it can be researched or forwarded to a district employee that can assist.


    I do not work or have an office at the district so it is not possible to just ask over a cubicle and get an immediate answer. That would be much easier. I try to help in timely manner and try to provide general info on p.com so that some misconceptions do not get too far off the mark.


    As far as the 25 comment being an excuse? I contacted the one and only employee of the board, the superintendent and ask the specific question. That was the answer and I believe it.


    Not sure LR pumped my ego???? I do appreciate citizens who email and call to share concerns. I do not serve to have my ego pumped. If so, I would never offered to serve because that doesn't happen when you serve on the school board.


    Have a great weekend. Again, I am available via email or cell if there is anything I can help with.



    Thank you for responding. I understand where you are coming from now.

  13. I'm very happy with my life, thanks for asking! You sure are a lot nicer to me IRL. I see you all the time and your nice as can be. I guess it's ok to be mean to a "stranger." :blush:





    Oh good lord.





    I like pie!


    I am always nice! Well most of the time, I am quiet a smarta** though! I can't help it, I get it honest! So, since we are both happy with life, we should go out and get some pie! :yahoo:

  14. You are a thorn in my side. :rofl: I was not pissed off and I wasn't saying it's okay to deface any government property. I was just saying it was a tridition for them to do the road. You are a pain in my arse!!!:drinks:



    So. that would be considered a level one offense i am curious and wanted to make sure i get it correct that it's ok to do a level one offense like paintin the grass and all that jazz did someone say pie jeez i am straving, i love me some pie i am glad u aint pissed off anymore i bet your are happy i bet not


    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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