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  1. I think there was a pitt in the front yard of the house/s on Pine Shadows. If your at Lindsy Lake rd. Facing Pine Shadows, go left, the house is on the right before that first road on the right (I don't know the name of it.) Maybe it belongs there. :pardon:




    Thank you, I am going to take him and have him scanned sometime today. If that doesn't help, I will try the house. You wouldn't happen to know what the address is, or the color of the house?

  2. Many by "parents" who are not far beyond being a juvenile themselves. And "parents" more concerned with begin their offsprings FRIEND rather than PARENT. The day we live in, unfortunately.


    Could be the system losing the kids not "helping" them become productive. Getting any services to help troubled kids is like pulling teeth in this county. If their parents suck, and the local programs suck....it doesn't mean "we" should throw them in a place to be raped and come out at the age of 18 unstable and uneducated. Pretty much sets them up for failure and future jail time.


    You do know the juvy officers are big on charging kids for being with someone committing a crime. Lets say a kid drives a kid to Walmart, said kid gets in a fight, they both get the same charges.

  3. I look forward to the day when the little douche gets his teeth knocked down his throat. Maybe the kid has a point, but this is certainly the wrong way to go about it. However, this is an isolated recording and I wonder if this kid decided to show his ass because he knew it was being recorded. Do people know if this student is a chronic complainer who thrives on disrupting class on a daily basis? Is the class so poorly behaved, the only thing the teacher can do is give packets. Do people know if the teacher tried to come up with exciting lessons only to have the little bastard complain about them as well? This video answers none of these questions, but I guarantee if the teacher ripped this punk a new asshole, they would be fired. I've always told students if they have a problem with what I'm doing, come speak to me privately and I'll be glad to discuss it with them. I also try to speak with a student privately, to avoid embarrassing them if possible. I haven't always succeeded but with age I've calmed down but I let students know if you don't like being dressed down in front of the class, don't do it to me. Respect works both ways.


    Nice. :wacko:

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  4. Well, I know a ton about special education and I will tell you this....the courts have ruled time and time again that the IEP guarantees placement, not location. That's what they're betting on here. However, if you can prove that a particular location is detrimental to your child, then it's a game changer. I can recommend an advocate who causes me to cringe every time I hear her name....because she's good....but you'll pay. IF it were me, I'd start by requesting a copy of my parental rights. This will get someone's attention. Then I would read them. If you find a violation, file a grievance with the state dept of education. This is outlined in the parental rights packet. Read the section on "notice" and "participation" .... There might be a violation in there somewhere. I'd get on this pronto. I don't know what the summer schedule is like and you don't want to delay this too long, I'll also add that the school to which you are unhappy with has quite the reputation in the county. There might be a support group meeting at a local bar.


    I just want to say...I wish ALL ESEP teachers cared about their children's success like you do! Can we just clone you?

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  5. Dis jr. was in dedicated small group at the regional school (Nebo). He had a teacher that was at Inner Harbor for years and the assistant who had years at Deveroux. That is what is crazy. Both SHOULD have been able to cover his needs and UNDERSTAND his sensory issues WITHOUT going to DFACS and not discussing them with me. Now he is at NHEC which currently is a dedicated school program from the hard to handle students. So he is in the most restrictive environment as far as the school goes but has the most flexability in his daily program with the better trained teachers.





    Now that is what I'm thinking.:drinks:


    I typed out a long response, I will PM it instead. You do have teachers from Nebo on this board!! No reason for you to display your hand to them.

  6. I have never understood how it can be an invasion of privacy when everything they have I paid for and own, including the room they live in.

    I would have loved, well maybe not, to see what my mother and father would have done if I pulled "invasion of privacy" on them.

    There was never any doubt around our house where I stood, I was the kid.

    In fact, until the day he died if my father used his "god" voice, I just immediatly said "yes sir" and did what he said.

    Even though my son is 20, I now understand what my mother means when she says, I know you are in your 50's but I will always be your mother.

    It means that you never stop being a parent.


    Exactly, I was raised that way and will do the same with my children.

  7. This is ridiculous.


    I hope that teens understand that social media will follow them FOREVER.


    Parents, do NOT let your children use social media. If you are going to allow it, you need to teach them the dangers JUST AS STRONGLY as you teach them the dangers of drunk driving.


    The consequences can be just as devastating and a single mistake can cost so much.


    Of course, it's hard for us to TEACH our kids not to be irresponsible with social media when so many of the PARENTS are.



    I am shocked at the number of parents, that never check up on their kids. Take the cell and read the messages!! Check their face book pages! Check their emails, there is no excuse not to stay on top of these things.

    My oldest is a boy, I almost fell out when I opened his photo's on his phone. Needless to say, he does NOT have a phone anymore and neither does the girl that sent the pictures! (Yes, I am the bitch that will call the little snowflakes parents!) Wake up parents!!! Wake the HELL up and stay on top of all the social media crap!

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  8. I fail to see why this is even garnering any raised emotions at all.


    Everyone chooses their own family entertainment. As long as the establishment meets the legal code, I see no problem with it. If some choose of their own reasons not to attend, that is fine. If others choose to attend, that is fine.


    I personally wouldn't go to such an activity because I don't enjoy it. Others do.


    So what is the problem with this anyway?



    Zoo, don't your children attend schools and live on campus? In order to attend such a place, I would think you would need your children to actually be in your home.


    Every parent thinks differently with THEIR children, and your snotty ass attitude is over the top, hilarious!


    Bring on the full moon, the ass hats are out in full force. It's NY girl's business, personally I think she is fiesty and sometimes quite rude...she is going to do what she has to, to make it! Her concern is making money, if it was safety the drugs and under age drinking would not go on there. If your concern is that high over a drunk person falling, get off butt and learn to skate with your children.

  9. The Young man involved in the accident who was riding the motorcycle this morning is Duanne Karl Martin from Bowdon GA he is only 20 yrs old. Please pray for him as he is the only income his mother and sisters have. I will update his status as soon as I am made aware of it from his mother who is at Grady waiting to see him. Heis a dedicated employee of mine and would like to ask all to please continue to pray?


    Oh wow, he is so young! When you have more details, please share. If the family needs meals, let me know, I will glady fix a few and deliver them.

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