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  1. Well since I am being given the same type of attitude here from people that no absolutely nothing of which they are talking about, I feel vindicated about my attitude here and there. And so you think I need to file taxes with someone I have absolutely no business filing with a little bit of paper work then you are worse off than the lady who told me I needed to. And it is not free healthcare. You still pay a percentage on everything. And yes I NEED IT. So until you have walked a day in my shoes dont judge. Furthermore I had no attitude with her until she got one with me.


    I understand why you need to tell your live in boyfriends income. It is cheating the system, if you don't. Plain and simple! We all NEED health insurance, I just find it hard, people are complaining, smoking 2 packs of cigs a day and hanging out local bars. Sorry if that upsets you, but I don't think I should be responsible for their healthcare. If you can smoke and drink, you can pay for your own insurance. Make better choices on how you spend your money.

  2. Thank you for not acting holier than thou. And that is all I keep hearing from everyone today. Blah Blah Blah. lol.



    We got jokes huh? Grow up.



    I never said I didnt want to count his income. Go back and reread before you and the other ones that felt it neccessary to like your comment make comments.



    If you took the same tone with the case worker as you have hear, then I completely understand the attitude you were given. The case worker is there to help, not to listen to a bullcheeze attitude! I find it odd people complain that they have to actually "work" a little paperwork wise to get FREE health coverage!

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  3. Dang! I thought we were going to have one of those North versus South drama threads.

    Just to get it started, gators ain't no worse than all them sharks in the big cities up North where folks live on postage stamps and can count the pimples on their neighbors butts through the kitchen whendur. :p



    The answer is yes...you CAN marry your first cousin in the south........





    :rofl: :rofl:

  4. In reference to #1, that has nothing to do with the situation. A church is a place to go worship, not a place "to" worship. If #2 was in jeopardy by the chuch I feel pretty confident that God would be ok with finding a place that both feel comfortable. Lots and lot's of those steeples out thar in Paulding Co!


    He never made it clear as to what the church is..it might be a wife who wants her husband to attend and he would rather be home drinking. :pardon:


    And don't ya know God is in control of every situation.....

  5. Most born and bred Georgia peeps, think it's the "transplant" fault for everything that happens in the state. No worries about us taking advantage of you, we are just stupid, unhappy, bitter, (yada, yada) yankee's coming to steal your land! :drinks:



    Disclaimer..it's a joke assholes, so need to get all pissy!

    On a side note, can I ask your age?

  6. Money spent on lawsuits..... All Boards of Education hire a board attorney to handle all lawsuits

    Failing scores..........which schools? There are people upset over changes in admin. Maybe there is a good reason for those changes.

    Pushing more on teacher's for less pay................This is happening in every system around the country. The budget shortfalls begin with the Federal Govt. and trickles down.


    This superintendent along with many, many others are in a no win situation. They do their best with what they have. Damned if you do....damned if you don't.


    I wondered how you went about replacing a superintendent. I got an answer. And for the record the excuse of "all the cool kids are doing it", doesn't really hold much in my opinion. Maybe change would be good for the system. What they have now doesn't seem to be working.


    What I find funny about this thread is.....When you love the school system and the Central Office, peopel just love you, especially when you rollover and take their crap. But the minute you start saying anything about them, standing up to them, people that USE to talk to you on here don't any more. FUNNY!!! GUESS THEY ARE AS CROOKED AS THE C.O.



    Don't worry secrets won't be spilled!



    Damn it!! If the board members themselves spill secrets, why can't you? :ph34r: We all love gossip! :rofl:

  7. You are very welcome. Thank you for the opportunity. That is what I attempt to do when given the opportunity, at least explain. So many things get misunderstood in communication, etc. The ELECTED school board duties are to hire and evaluate the superintendent, the budget, and set and FOLLOW policy. It is NOT legal for us to question daily operations or school level decisions. Those concerns would be directed to Mr. Cole and his leadership team.



    With so many issues with the current super and his staff, how does the community go about getting a replacement. Do you fire the exisitng super due to money spent on lawsuits, failing scores, pushing more on teacher's for less pay, etc.



    I am asking how the super get's voted off the island...I really am curious. I want to know how things work, and why the same issues are always complained about, but are continued to be allowed in everyday operations.

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  8. They need to be totally ignored, taking them serious responding to their hate is exactly what they want. The are eating up every bit of coverage and response on the internet. They want people to be insulted and angry. They would love nothing better than to turn this into a race riot. They are just like the clan a group of people that only have one thing in common their hatred and desire for violence.

    This is why I posted the paragraph and link to wiki about them. They don't represent civil rights groups or even the majority of black Americans. They want people to think that so they can create violence.

    At this point like Pubby pointed out they are a powerless joke until people take them seriously. The same thing happened at the elections they disrupted, they should have been arrested for being thugs, not given any credit as part of some political entity.



    That was rough interview, I honestly wanted to kick his teeth out. :blush: IMO, the group is disgracing the memory of Trayvon. It bothers me that some teens are going to see this group as the way to solve this case. I hope parents are talking to their children...this is not the answer.

  9. And what bank are they going to rob to pay that bounty. Some one may have said it but now I know it is pure bull. Anyone acting on that offer is a fool and they are liars.





    It was upped to 100,000. And this statement was given by the group....





    These are the words spoken by Mikhail Muhammad, southern regional minister for the New Black Panther Party, at Monday morning's press conference that have many talking about hate speech:


    "We investigated and we found out the facts that Trayvon had been assasinated by a wicked, white beast, who today is talking about he's a Hispanic. And so we're not going to go along with that. We don't care 'cause his father's a Jew. He's a no good Jew. To sit before the world, George Zimmerman, and try to justify the brutal assasination and murder of Trayvon Martin, an innocent 17-year-old, and for white America to be upset about the involvement of the New Black Panther Party, so we put this $10,000 bounty reward on the head of George Zimmerman to force the United Snakes, it's the snakes government, to do their job. And since they don't wanna do their job, we're mobilizing 10,000 men, black men in tri-states of Georgia, Florida and Alabama. We want justice for Trayvon; that's all we came for."


    And this is not exclusively a racial matter; the hate extends to African Americans.


    "We say to all the cowards in the black community, 'Get out of the damn way' because soon we're going to have to take you out ourselves,'" Muhammad said.

  10. A. If you have pulled your kids out of the system, and/ or you have quit, then why do you feel it necessary to insult the schools, and the system? After all you have no "dog in this" right?


    B. I might know you, and your friends little angels. I know a lot of kids, and their families.


    C. Usually after one has taken action, and the issue is resolved they aren't so vitriolic in what they state. Well unless they have a personal vendetta.


    Bless your little pea pickin heart. 8)



    D. LAST WORD...you can't seem to let anyone besides yourself have it! :rofl: :rofl:

  11. No, actually I didn't get pissed over your "insult." Mainly because I know you haven't the first clue what your talking about. You know how I know that? First you don't know my kid, and you have no clue why I pulled him for a short time. Second I know my child isn't an angel. Difference is I accept that fact.


    No pissing contest here. I do know other school systems ahead, and behind Paulding. If you hate this school system so much, quit, or pull your kids out, or both. Unlike others you and one other teacher, I don't bitch about it. I take action. Yes, lets do give it back to the OP.


    If it were my daughter, the boy would feel the sting of her hand. She would also know that I have her back. Oh, wait that actually did happen.


    But you "know" me and all my friends have "angels". Hmmm, pot meet kettle! Your hollier than tho attitude cracks me up! Thanks for the laugh. :rofl: How do you know excatly what actions I have taken? Love the fact you know it all! :rofl: :rofl: Bless your heart. :pardon:

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