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  1. I came across this article on CNN. Interesting read Sister Wives
  2. This is a known Craigslist scam. Has she contacted anyone on there recently? They probably don't have her financial information. But, pull the credit reports and notify the bureaus.
  3. I recommend Bone Garden Cantina. The food is great as is the atmosphere. You might even see Alton Brown having dinner there as I've seen him on many occasions.
  4. Bachanalia is delish but in no way meets her $50 requirement. I believe its currently $80 per person excluding beverages.
  5. I wasn't aware anyone was still participating locally. I worked the first ever ROL with the pastor that started the program and spent many summers painting houses in the Douglas, Cobb and Paulding areas (when the movement came this way). Always one of my favorite things to be a part of!
  6. I've clearly never encountered these folks at the pool and pray I never do! I know who you are referring to driving like a bat out of h*ll. I've told her to slow down on numerous occasions. Ridiculous. Stay safe on your side. I'll be working hard to keep it from spreading. Our biggest issue on our side is people not pulling their weeds!
  7. I saw on Good Morning America that they suspect she attempted to abduct Kiara. She was also involved in a relationship with Kaine's friend. She's just a trailer short. GMA - Horman
  8. I've witnessed the 100+ teenager party and the 40+ teens who don't live in our hood congregating in the clubhouse parking lot. We promptly called PCSO and they had them move along. I haven't seen them again. What you described is 100% different from our side of the neighborhood. It's so quiet and no property damage done. You live over on the side where when I come in if I keep going straight instead of turning left?
  9. Hijack: Ash, I too live in the Willows. I saw the sign at the beginning of the neighborhood regarding the break in. Have they all been cars at this point or houses too? Do you know if they were locked or unlocked? We live in the back of the neighborhood and so far have not had any issues. I've put up motion detectors as well and you covered the windows in my basement so no one can see in. We have such a nice neighborhood and I hate to see this stuff happening.
  10. WellRead: I don't think anyone here is saying all government is bad. I have no problem paying taxes for police officers, fire departments, EMTs, etc. Please explain why the left (and/or people like yourself) can't separate the two? Why must we have government run everything in order to have government run anything? As far as your argument of people in other countries living longer and perhaps healthier than we do here, I offer you one reason and it has little to do with their healthcare. For the most part they are mobile societies. They don't sit in the car for 2 hours o
  11. We also have an HSA and for all the reasons you listed above, we love it! I hope to never go back to a traditional plan again.
  12. Several keep repeating that it doesn't make sense that she would have done something like this in such a manner. We are talking about murder here (with or without intent, though its looking like intent)! We aren't talking about a plan to swindle money. If SM is responsible, she's clearly a not right in the head and we all know criminals aren't the smartest bunch of folks. Does murdering a 7 yo make sense on any level? Regardless of method or motive? To normal, sane folks like us, NO!
  13. My in-laws live in Charleston so we visit a few times per year. Some of our favorites: Middleton Place Plantation. Oldest working plantation in Charleston. Try the restaurant for lunch, its great! Waterfront Park - if you wait a few minutes you can score one of the porch swings on the boardwalk. It makes a great place to relax. Morris Island Lighthouse Be sure to spend time just wandering the streets, in and out of shops! Favorite places to dine: East Bay Deli (sandwiches) Wild Wing Cafe (on Market - wings, beer) Roberts (fine dining) SNOB McCrady's (my favorite
  14. Ugh! I LOVE this show and cannot believe its been cancelled. Hubby is going to be disappointed!
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