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  1. good luck with higher taxes again this year ...........go vote
  2. well the Taxpayers of Paulding county thank all the current commissioners for the waste of our taxpayers money for the last 3 years,remember this money is not free for you to blow on lawsuits against yourselves ,please stop the BS and start working as a 5 member team ,not 4,thank you remember to vote ,need a change here in Paulding
  3. Paulding county is full of stupidity........please raise our taxes again .....please,hey is McDonald hiring ? we need jobs
  4. Don’t miss out on voting in the upcoming primary election, every single vote counts! avoid the confusion IMPORTANT DATES: •April 24th: last day to register to vote- to register follow this link- https://www.vote.org/register-to-vote/georgia/ •April 30th: early voting begins- to verify your polling place follow this link- https://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov/MVP/mvp.do •May 22nd: Election Day and last opportunity to vote
  5. No thank you,we have had enough of their BS,looking for some qualified candidates ,thanks for the info.
  6. what debate and who organized it ?
  7. HB 930 was discussed in the media for weeks leading up to it being voted upon. HB 930 was also included in various legislator’s and ACCG email updates during the most recent session. As elected officials, it is incumbent upon Pownall, Collett and Crowe to keep up to date on potential legislation that might affect their constituents. It is not anyone else’s responsibility to keep them informed. It is also incumbent upon YOU the voter, to keep up to date on issues affecting YOU.Don’t let the misleading campaign tactics of Pownall, Collett and Crowe fool you that they are going to somehow save yo
  8. PLEASE..im tired of you guys blaming everything failing in this county on that airport,maybe we should be looking at the people that are raising our taxes and running the home owners into the ground while suing ourselves......you are right about one thing...time to vote em out
  9. Paulding county BOC................Stop wasting our tax money
  10. old news...i think they need the money to pay for all the lawsuits against them,they cant use the restroom up there without someone crying about it
  11. very good job the people of Paulding county stepped up to the plate.............
  12. Silver Comet Field airport welcomed its first new tenant in three years recently which could encourage more aircraft owners to use the facility. Silver Comet Aviation, a general aviation maintenance company, opened at the airport at the beginning of July. The company is owned and operated by Johnny Jenkins, a former longtime mechanic for Delta Airlines. After leaving a previous job, Jenkins said he decided to open his new business at the airport in west Paulding County. Terry Tibbitts, the airport’s interim manager, said having a full-service maintenance company operating at
  13. I was wondering why no one is mentioning this, are we still in shock that 4 voted in commissioners are suggesting a tax hike...cant blame this one on the airport if it happens
  14. good looking signs...got my vote...stop the BS get this county up and running again....no joke
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