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  1. Please explain the adversarial relationship, I am unaware of what you areleading to.
  2. Reading through all the comments it seem most people are trying to make a popularity contest out of this there is alot of comments about you go and have a good time but that is not what is on the table here. The poster is about they are trying to add more events 25, add concerts, add PA system, and add camping. I understand there is "supposed to be no drinking" but what do you think is going to be going on with a jamming concert, PA system blarring and having the ability to stagger over to your tent? Does anyone really believe this is going to continue to be a family trip, do you think scout
  3. i know this is a dumb question but I went to the outlet malls this week and all the shops ask for my zip code. When I asked why they said they have to pay sales tax on that amount and to my county is this correct?
  4. I have to call Bullspit on this I am very familiar with reece road and a car that passes you at 60+ MPH you cannot pull out and catch them before they hit the stop sign. I bet your car runs in the 7's on the 1/4 you wanna sell that grocery getter? If it was my child and you chased them, stalked them etc. I would take this up with you and there would be no screaming or arms waving i dont roll that way. luckily my kids are not yet in highschool. I recommend you drive your vehicle and not tell anyone else how to drive theirs because next time it may not be a 16 year old kid you can have your way
  5. all the old timers had names for all parts of the county most are gone now but i still hear these names: Blue car body road, iron stob, uiqqer cemetary, tom carter rock, grinestone, harris bottoms, pigmans, sand bottoms, crewville(high shoals),callaway dam, electric dam, coppermines, cuts, shuck town, brown town, coles bottoms, triple tunnels, cherry hill,old hill climb, pumpkin vine hill, pete macs flats, THE red light, roses store, jc hut, rocky fjord, The high school, isenglass hill, vaughns, mcpherson etc.
  6. Yes, I missed your point on trailers I suppose but the marginal difference I am referring to is the trailer has a 3 ton a/c the classroom has a 3 ton a/c as far as the energy efficiency will not pay the difference of over a million dollars to fully staff a new school. It is marginal in comparison as to what I am comparing. My t-stat comment is: some teachers prefer to be in a trailer that they can control the temperature in instead of the school where there is no control; always hot and humid. If you are wondering if there is in fact empty classrooms I know that PB ritch has there new wing clo
  7. Sorry your son spent 3rd grade in a trailer but since that time there has been ragsdale, hutchens, and burnt hickory been built that is three schools. What do you feel it cost to staff these schools and pay the bills on them? it is in the millions each I can promise you that the electreicity those trailers used was marginal. and besides the trailers have their own thermostat where the school does not they really were not that bad. but I do not feel that millions in front of dollars is good spending. I keep hearing about Douglas county that is about apples to oranges as it gets. I have made
  8. The op starts off with: Later that afternoon my dogs start going crazy and I look out and there's a tank repo truck parked around the side of my house with two guys hurriedly working to disconnect my tank. then they state they never said they were there to steal the tank but gas regulator. I feel like i need to hear the other side of this I too have used heritage before and I believe that may be the one jimmy Hannah owns and he is a Great person.
  9. CeeJay is correct their is entire wings of schools not being used, but they are fully staffed; their is supervisors for supervisors for a supervisor of an employee. The spending is out of control and will continue to be until something happens, and I feel splost is a good start. Schools have been built just to use up the money they have and before the state matching expires when the general budget cannot afford the staffing nor utilities the school will incur.
  10. the law is wriiten after the ocga before that is my comment. They state nothing about 1099's but if you were to pull up individuals that have lost their licensing privledge in the state of ga consent order they rule that having a 1099 employee and not paying fica and other withholdings on them is subcontracting and punishable by revokeing licenses per the above ruling. (I have nothing on my record but have researched this topic due to I subbed for 5 years before getting my license 15 years ago and found out what I did was in fact illegal.) Again I will not hire a sub contractor that is unlice
  11. I worded this wrong; In the state of Ga it is illegal to assist an unlicensed contractor to practice work or hire an unlicensed contractor and issue them a 1099 as a subcontracor, checking on their status is not required but the contractors at liability not the sub O.C.G.A. 43-1-19 (a) (7) Knowingly performed any act which in any way aids, assists, procures, advises, or encourages any unlicensed person or any licensee whose license has been suspended or revoked by a professional licensing board to practice a business or profession licensed under this title or to practice outside the scope of a
  12. I am positive that it is illegal to send someone a 1099 without them holding a conditioned air license in the HVAC field; I understand it is done every day and i too subbed for many of years but it is not legal. that would also go for gas line contractors as well. If you would like more information or some examples of companies loosing their license in situations like you described pm me.
  13. I won't put my license on the line for no one much less an illegal I know individuals not their company that has lost their license and been fined that subbed work out.
  14. You CANNOT sub contract without a license and an illegal CANNOT get licensed.
  15. Good thought! can you imagine how screwed up these kids will be?
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