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  1. You know at times, I did ask God where he was. I'm not going to lie. Then when the panic subsided a little, I realized that He was there! He got me and my family out safe! He didn't start the fire. I got trapped in the stairway and asked God to please lead me out. He did! He gave me the sign in my front door that He was there and that everything, no matter how bad it looks, would be ok. Yes, we are facing a nightmare, but at least I'm alive to face it. He has a greater plan for me and my family and I intend on finding out what it is. I understand people questioning God...I really do. I'm human myself. But All I have is Faith and everyone needs something to believe in. Otherwise I'd be a very bitter and angry person. I have too much to live for to live my life that way.
  2. YES! and it was not burning. I had walked over bymyself and saw it in my front doorway! I yelled at my husband to come over there and had someone take a picture of it for me!
  3. I'm not sure what you are going through either, but remember that it could always be worse. I have a 23 yr old daughter who has been in jail for 8 months waiting on a bed in rehab, we had to take custody of our 3 and 4 yr old grandbabies, my 21 yr old daughter has cancer (non-hodgkins lymphoma) and we just found out Friday that it has spread into her lungs, last Thursday evening, our house burned completely to the ground along with everything we have worked so hard for. But you see...it could be worse, we could be planning funerals instead of having all of our family together. I hope what ever you are going through works out for the best. I will definately put you and your family on my prayer list
  4. That's it! What a perfect idea! Thank you!........Where can I find one? LOL
  5. As some of you may have seen my previous post, we completely lost our home and everything we had. The real blessing is that we all got out alive. I want to have Christmas at home. We have a barn that we are going to block off the ends somehow and put a heater down there (temporary). I am going to put a tree in the middle of the barn and we were thinking about writing the kids names on the stalls for each of them to open up. Would I do better with a live tree or artificial?
  6. WE ARE FACING A NIGHTMARE BETWEEN THE INSURANCE AND MORTGAGE COMPANY. Our house burned completely last Thursday evening. We have to get estimates on rebuilding our home. We have no ideas about contractors around here. If you know of anyone that could do log homes, we be so grateful. Thank you and hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  7. First of all I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I want to let everyone know what I am thankful for. I am thankful for my God. I am thankful for my family, friends,and loved ones. I am thankful that God saved my grandbabies,mother in law, and myself. NEVER take for granted the ones you love or the gifts that God has seen fit for you to have for we are not promised tomorrow. Our house burned to the ground one week ago today. The next day, we found out that my 21 yr daughter's cancer has moved into her lungs. At one point, I got lost in the stairway upstairs that was full of smoke. God led me down those stairs and out of my house safely. There are some who don't believe, but let me tell you, HE DOES EXIST! The picture posted here is after the fire had been burning forever. I had stepped away from the crowd to be alone for a moment. This is what I saw! I made someone take a picture because I knew that this was a sign. I had been asking for a sign for a long time, I just didn't know that it would be in the front door of my burning house! We lost everything material wise, but our lives were spared. This is what I am thankful for. As I said before, we are not promised tomorrow, so forgive and love each other as though today was your last day on earth. I hope each and every one of you have a very Blessed Thanksgiving!
  8. http://news.yahoo.com/photos/-kony-2012-filmmaker-arrested-1331938271-slideshow/
  9. I only know part of the words, but I desperately want to know the name. So if you could please help, I'd greatly appreciate it! TIA. I have tried to find it online to no avail!! Partial lyrics: He worked in the garden until the sun went down I followed in his footsteps in through the freshly plowed ground .......???? when the sun hit his face I heard Papa whistle Amazing Grace
  10. Things are not so bad when............... Your oldest daughter decides she needs a break from being a mother, running the streets doing God knows what , has ovarian cancer, and you have your two Grandchildren to raise. Then there are ones who are doing the exact same thing but have no one that loves them or prays for them or even cares. I pray for them. I pray every moment for her and that God brings her home safe. I get the blessing of knowing that God will and that my grandbabies look at me and say.."I love you so much Nonnie". Your youngest daughter gets a full ride scholarship to FSU but can't go because she was recently diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. Then there are all of these other children that only have a few moments left ,if any. I pray for them and their families. I get the blessing of knowing that I get to spend that much more time with her,take care of her, and joke with her about different colored wigs. And the blessing of knowing that she's a fighter and loves me. You have the Brady bunch for a family and are struggling to take care of everyone. Then there are families that REALLY have nothing and are just trying to keep everyone together and fed. Or there are some that have no family at all. I pray for them and try to help if I can. I get the blessing of knowing that God will provide and I have that many more people to love and that loves me back. Yes, over the past few weeks I have wondered and questioned. I've had my about to break moments. But God has held me up and I keep holding on. If he wasn't my glue.......there would be nothing but a big heaping pile of mess. And I do get tired of trying to hold on. That's when I read Footprints in the Sand. There are so many small moments that people take for granted. What exactly are we working and struggling for? To have nice things, to work so hard to pay for these things and let precious life pass us by? Do we get so busy that we forget to look at the faces of our loved ones and realize that we've been so busy working and struggling that they've grown older and we forgot to take that one moment to tell them just how very much they mean to us and that we love them? Well, I can guarantee one thing...I won't ever forget. Without love ....we have nothing. Except the things that our money bought that do not love us back. The one thing you can never buy back is...time or lost loved ones. He brought me to it...He'll bring me through it. I hope each and every one of you have a very blessed day.
  11. We need two SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY signs...how do I get those? MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL AND BLESSINGS!
  12. Both of my daughters use to ride the bus to the vocational school from Temple. Even though they have been out of school for a year and more...it's still horrifying! Prayers have been and will still be said for these children,parents ,and the driver!
  13. Wow ! Such great ideas! Thank you all so very much! I think I'm going with Pearls and a scrapbook of her life! Possibly a day out...if "she" has time! Thanks guys! you all are the greatest!
  14. I need some ideas for a special , meaningful gift from mother to daughter. Any ideas please???
  15. Prayers for this family and friends.
  16. Cool! Kinda like my avatar! It's called vanity!
  17. Did you get my last e-mail about The Last Song and your New Age Magazines?
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