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  1. I live off Hiram Sudie also and heard/felt it. A friend that works for Sheriff's department said they had tons of calls about it but they couldn't find anything. It was really loud like everyone said and shook my house. I only heard the one but heard on the scanner there were several more.
  2. There was a young pregnant girl the other night at the Wally world in Hiram holding up a sign asking for help. My hubby was gonna turn around and give her money and I stopped him. With all the scammers out there it has really jaded me and I just wont give to people begging for money anymore. The other night going to the braves game there was one guy with a sign that said Praise him for the rain. I am not sure if he was asking for money or just stating something. A little on down the way another guy was sitting and his sign said, "I ain't gonna lie, I want money for a drink" I don't wa
  3. Yeah she is on there as well as sittercity.com She has a few babysitting jobs here and there lined up..but wanted something everyday. She is working on it =)
  4. I have emailed them for more info. Told my daughter to be prepared to go by there in the morning to complete and application. She is so bored sitting at home. She was hoping to find a babysitting job for the summer but none so far, so she is wanting to work daycare. She loves working around children
  5. Do you know the name of it? My daughter is looking for a daycare job. I tried to google it but I am coming up empty handed nevermind, found it..thanks
  6. didn't she also say she wanted to make Tshirts? Someone told me she was wearing a tshirt that said survivor on it in the courtroom. Really? wonder how that made the family of the one she murdered feel? I haven't kept up with the trial, but I have seen interviews with her and she is one crazy girl for sure
  7. Glad you guys had fun. We did to. We stayed the entire race. I was so happy when we got there that the sun came out and we had blue skies for awhile. You are right about it being cold the end of the race. I was freezing. But my 14 year old son got to experience it for the first time and he had an absolute ball. He is already asking if we can go to Atlanta in September
  8. A friend of mine posted on facebook the one at 61/Hiram Sudie is having a managers sale this week with lots of good deals in case anyone is interested.
  9. I so hate to hear about this! I was best friends with her daughter growing up from 3rd grade all through high school. We have kept in touch here and there from time to time. I am glad I saw this post..I will make it a point to go by the funeral home and pay my respects. I loved Mrs. Judy..always treated me with such kindness. RIP Mrs. Judy
  10. the coughing is the worst part now..ugh I think I pulled something I have coughed so much in the last 24 hours. I am ready for this crap to go away
  11. yesterday morning, itchy watery eyes, runny nose and some coughing. Today, runny nose, eyes are still watery and on fire, coughing is much worse and sounds deep and the cough is wheezy. Ugh..I think its turning into bronchitis. Time to get the inhaler and cough meds again
  12. I just spoke to her on FB. She said to give her a call. Her name is Rebekah. Her number is 678-567-2345
  13. Probably Fire dept. doing another controlled burn in the county
  14. I heard it to. I was out walking my dog and it scared the crap out of my dog (literally haha) I thought she and I both would have a stroke right then and there. It sounded very close to me. I live off Davis Mill South. It sounded like it was coming from the first subdivision on the right (Brooks Mill) or the wooded area behind that subdivision. It was very loud.
  15. another thing that I noticed in the story was it said they stopped several times for gas. So he is saying that when they stopped the guy kept the ski mask on at all times while at the gas station, even when he dropped him off at the gas station before checking into a hotel? Just something I was wondering
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