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  1. Best idea yet. Make people hang up the phones, get rid of those stupid, nearly vacant HOV lanes and raise the speed limits to realistic levels- like anyone actually drives 50 and 55 mph inside the perimeter.....
  2. Well....... I guess it is settled.......
  3. Can you get Tommie to help me figure out how to get three cars into a two-car garage? Speaking of Tommie, maybe he'll be in character and not sitting in silence like the rest of them when the topic of Clark's subsidy comes up again. Since Clark Ambulance gets a subsidy and not a payment for any services under terms of a contract then it would appear that they are simply the recipient of public money and should have to account for how every dollar of that money is spent. At least that might help justify the subsidy, as well as explain why the BOC is giving it to Clark while at the same time cutting back so many other services, laying off and furloughing employees.
  4. Circle the wagons Sam fans! If you play hard-ball with people how do you expect to get their business for the funerals of their family members? And get them to vote for you for Coroner? Hence, Sam is a great guy. Maybe, the ambulance business is run off of whatever they collect from insurance, voluntary payments and tax-payer subsidy. Hypothetically, it would make a good feeder for your funeral home, provided the ambulance business can stay afloat on the revenue model in use. Just like being a coroner and using your ambulances for transport and your funeral home for a morgue would also be a good feeder for your funeral home- hypothetically speaking. Too bad the county has never owned up, faced the issue and and actually bought/built an actual morgue that the coroner had to use. Anyway, let's hypothetically say your ambulance business is loosing money, jeopardizing part of your feeder supply into your funeral home. You can tighten up on your collections (pissing off potential funeral home customers and voters), scrub your insurance billing (that takes a lot of work, software and billing code savvy) or go to the government for more "free" money. After a few years of getting more and more free money from the tax-payers maybe the patient is just too sick to save without even more subsidy. The ambulance company would either have to figure out how to squeeze more money out of the public coffers (shouldn't bee too hard- it has worked so far and I believe that Sam is a big supporter of at least one important BOC member), change their revenue model to include more aggressive collections (don't want to have to do that) or just give up being the zoned emergency ambulance provider and do non-emergency transports and inter-hospital transports. But then, who would do the emergency ambulance service??? Surely, Puckett or Metro or Ambucare would have absolutely no interest in Paulding County??? They must be having the same problems in Cobb and Haralson... probably about to go under any day now, I'll bet. I wonder if they would come in and if they would get the same subsidy that that Clark is getting??? Maybe the county should have more concern for our tax dollars, audit Clark Ambulance's books with a third-party CPA using GAAP as benchmarks and assess its business practices with an unbiased, unaffiliated EMS consulting service and require Clark to become accredited before another subsidy dollar goes to him. After that then maybe they can talk about any subsidy possibilities. Heck, who am I kidding... let's just give Clark a million dollars, pat him on the back and tell him what a great guy he is and call it a day. Take the emotions out of your thoughts and arguments and look at this as a business model- with your tax dollars subsidizing it. Just do the math and ask yourself some common-sense questions. Then ask why your elected officials are not doing the same.
  5. Why bother? You and everyone else reading this post already know who they are going to vote for between the two, if they vote for anyone at all.......
  6. How about getting copies of the police report and court documents and posting those? That way the voters could read it and decide for themselves.
  7. Good for the marshals and the boc. You wanting to make some money doesn't give you the right to trash up the public roadway- period. And make a mess for someone else, funded by my tax dollars, to clean up. Buy some space in a paper, take out an ad, rent a billboard- or take a banner ad on this fine electronic establishment......
  8. Litter on the side of the road is still litter......whether it is just lying there or upright on a stick. I wish they had more people to take up signs and write tickets.
  9. I don't think they do that senior discount in this county........
  10. Probably one of just a few more to come into the county now that Wellstar claims that one day they will build is building a new hospital and Tanner is getting their foot firmly in the county.
  11. I'm still trying to figure out what 'press' it was released to.
  12. The real problem comes as the county is trying to "sell" Paulding and bring jobs here. It is hard to attract companies here by talking Paulding up and then have the interested parties drive through the place and see what a pig stye we've made of it. So in some respect it is a county problem concerning litter enforcement, public awareness, education and clean-up. Or, we can all just leave well enough alone and wallow in our filth.......
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