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  1. actually the county officials had no idea this was coming....no one did except for Sam and the Metro people. Sam needed help and Metro stepped in.
  2. Not upset at all,....just wanted opinions on what everyone thinks about it....after all most ambulance services receive a subsidy to cover the rural areas that are not profitable and Paulding county does pay a subsidy to Clark for their service. This is tax money that we all pay into and I just want everyone's opinion. I personally like the idea and think it is a win win for everyone involved.
  3. Solo, you are so right....and as far as the county is concermed, it's not costing any more and they all seem to support the agreement between Clark and Metro
  4. Actually Sam is an old friend and it really bothers me that he has had the issues for the past several years. I also have several friends at Clark and Metro too. As for any funeral homes I have no contacts at any funeral home. I am thrilled with the fact that the employees will have better benefits if Metro aquires Clark. I do however have an interest in public safety....All public safety....not just ems, and fire but law enforcement as well. As for my past posts, I was informing on facts and concerns....would you be happy if all of a sudden you weren't getting paid for work that you have already done. i'm assuming that you are in the industry and should be knowledgable about what goes on .....not bashing....just facts...I'm happy for Sam...this has to be a tremendous amount of relief for him to have a good service come in and help out. i'm sure they will profit from it but that's ok....I think Sam will too. Sam is a good man and he deserves it.
  5. I'm not doing any bashing.....Just wondering what the public thinks. I think they should be aware of what's going on since Clark receives county tax money and honestly I think it was a good move for everyone involve, including the public, employees, and the county government, I just want the public opinion of the agreement....
  6. I just want everyone's opinion on Clark Ambulance entering into the "billing and management agreement with Metro Atlanta. Metro is now running Clark Ambulance and has been for a couple of months. Just wondering if the public thinks that this is goo or bad or do you think the state should put the county up for bid for other services.
  7. You were even announced at the air show as a sponsor. Had you been ther you would have heard it.
  8. No, actually it was a request for money after they agreed to be a sponsor months ago and were listed as a sponsor on all the advertising materials and 3 days before the private show. If they couldn't afford to do it the right thing to have done was to notify the coumty earlier.
  9. No service is required to be accredited, but accreditation makes sure the service maintains a high level of standard way above and beyond the norm. It is very difficult and expensive to obtain and maintain. It is a grueling proccess and has to be renewed every 2 years. On the other subject Clark had 8 months to ask for funding abd waited until th Monday before the show. Do you think maybe that was a little short notice? Clark has some good people working there and I would say that several of the would have been happy to volunteer to work that event if they had been asked.
  10. This whole topic was started with one simple question. Why did our local ambulance service decide to charge to work an event that they agreed to sponsor since last february? It has got turned into some big fiasco about who footed the bill, who gets to keep th proceeds, school buses, etc. my point was that Clark waited until the Monday before the show to send an e-mail asking for compensation for an event that they agreed to sponsor. Three outside the county, CAAS accredited services from outside the county donated their services....and I do mean donated.....to work the show on short notice. And no, Clark ambulance is not accredited.
  11. No sir, I did not. I just know alot that sometimes I wish thst I didn't. Scares the crap out of me when I think about it.
  12. Actually they were NOT getting paid. TOTALLY VOLUNTEER!!!!! And with 3 days notice. Put that in tour hat and smoke it!! Research this one and talked to the crews!!
  13. I would think that you would ask that question regarding reimbersement early in your months of planning that you state that you did. And yes I have done my research on this manner.
  14. IF clark was not "UNDER A SPONSORSHIP AGREEMENT"......why was your nome on the banners and the web site? Why did you wait 8 months for reimbersement?.....Maybe thinking it was too late for the airport to find a replacement maybe? I think it's time for some changes.....
  15. Gonna ask this question again. The Clark post states that they were told 3 days prior to the air show that their services were no longer needed.....How long before the airshow did you notify the airport that you wanted to charge for your "SPONSORSHIP?" And be honest!!
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