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  1. Northside is having their Fall Festival on Oct. 23rd from 6-8. Vendor fee is $25 & your keep all sales. I can email you a vendor app if you are interested.
  2. We too have left messages with no calls back.
  3. Please have the booster post info on here. We would love to have another this year too!!!
  4. jd23

    Computer Help

    It says that something like there is a problem & needs to close. It only happenes in word. Excel is fine. It is very frustrating.
  5. jd23

    Computer Help

    I need a computer guy. Microsoft Word will not open & I think I probably have a virus. Anyone know a good computer guy at a low price.....
  6. I have the card from the band from last year, are the same vendors on yours?
  7. New Ga Ballfields sign ups are the next 2 Saturdays from 10-1. For a 5 year old it's $100.00. Go to ngyaa.org for more info.
  8. You are probably right but I thought it was funny. I needed a laugh this morning.
  9. Did I read this right?? They are nasty???
  10. I agree!!! I would love to start one & early Saturday is perfect!!
  11. All for kids at the Cobb fairgrounds is going on now. (I know it's not a church one) Hope Church on Dallas Hwy across from Dallas Dodge starts tomorrow.
  12. Where is the Furniture Consignment store???
  13. It will probably be the Saturday before Halloween but check with the churches in Dowtown to see when they are doing their trunk or treat. They will do it on the same night.
  14. I agree with you!! My hubby is a cop in Cobb & I know he is saying thank you too. To me the increase isn't that much to pay for your safety, to keep law enforcement on the street and response times low. Yes it's a tough time for all but cutting safety should not be the first choice.
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