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  1. Hello All, I am looking for a virtual assistant to work home. Need to be proficient in excell, word, and e-sign platforms. Will need to sort and filter through large county property excel files, extracting desired properties, Create Word templates, and send and receive e-sign documents. Please call/text 404-271-7945 or email mikefarmer.1@gmail.com Thanks Mike
  2. Hello All, I need help from anyone who can help get a cat out of tree. He is about 10-15 feet up in a small poplar tree crying his heart out. I am at 43 Bethnal Way Douglasville off Ridge rd 404-271-7945. . Animal control does not have the equipment. This is not my cat but hate to see an animal suffer Kudos to Image Pro signs in Dallas, called explained what going on and they come out no charge and got the kitty out of the tree with the sign truck. Thanks so Much Image Pro signs Mike Thanks
  3. Hello, Not sure where to post this, but I need someone who can Bush Hog/Bobcat VERY tall brush and grass from 2 acre property in South Paulding. As well as load dumpsters or haul off debris on property. Looking for quotes and start right away Call 404-271-7945 Thanks Mike
  4. Hello P.com Family, I'm posting this hoping someone could used the help of a smart, respectful, hard working young man(19)who is mildly Autistic. I as a concerned parent am trying to assist in finding him work and being somewhat protective and not just send him out to the wolves and hope for the best. He has his own car and license to drive. If anyone needs some help in any form or know someone who does please call or text 404-271-7945
  5. Hello All I am looking for someone to repair a door and a couple windows. On the door part of the wood frame is busted and new wood needs patched in. On the windows, the wood that wraps around the glass is rotted and broken. Looking to see if new wood can be installed there as well. A few years a ago I had a similar issue at another property and a craftsmen on this board was able to help by patching in new wood. But I lost his number Please Call Mike 404-271-7945
  6. We are flipping a house and there is a large and small trampoline in the back yard. FREE to anyone who wants to haul away Thanks 404-271-7945
  7. Hello All My Partner and I are looking to get quotes for work needed to a property in the South Paulding area. Were looking for Painting, flooring cleaning and debris removal. And possibly light carpentry Please call or text 404-271-7945 Thanks
  8. Hello All I have a 1993 motor home that has SEVERE water damage to roof and walls. Need to find someone that can repair it back to motor home standard or maybe remove part of the motor home and build some sort of ramp bed for it. I would entertain selling if interested PLEASE HELP 404-271-7945
  9. Hello All I am conducting an estate sale at 276 Ridgecrest Dr off Ridge Rd. Household items and furnishing. All must go Thanks
  10. Wondering if anybody knows the schedule for the events at air show Saturday or can point to a link that will tell the schedule for the day. Have several things to do Saturday and don't want to show up to just walk around and look at air planes Thanks
  11. Just thought I would share it Thanks
  12. Well this topic rather intrigues me so I guess I will add my 2 cents. Being 40 something year old guy, I have been self employed/commission only for more than 10 years. And my wife has been a stay at home mom for the same time. No the money is not always stable but some how God always provides. I have a bit of different take on this topic, the whole world is always concerned about a job, why? A couple years ago when the economy tanked I said I was tired and just wanted a job. Well I went out to the market and everyone saw that I had been self employed and would not give me a second look.
  13. I used to work for someone here in Paulding who owed a really nice campground in Cave Springs, on Cedar Creek. Check out www.BigCedarCreek.com
  14. Hi, I am interested in having an Avon booth at your upcoming festival. Is it to late? Please respond. Christine Farmer christinefarmer.r@gmail.com
  15. I made the MISTAKE of buying the HD2 with T-mobile in March with the Windows operating system. Never Buy a Windows phone!!! I am going to get the T-mobile Vibrant(Captivate)on Wed. I have been with T-mo for 10 years and you can't beat the price for the rate plans. That said, I have been using an unlocked Iphone on T-mo for almost three years now. Because it's the simplest smart phone a fuddy-duddy like me knows how to use. The Vibrant, to me is as simple as an iphone but with WAYYYY better features. Beware though that Captivate/Vibrant according to forums are having GPS connection issuses, and
  16. I will take a Bojangles ALL day long. I brake for chicken houses, I can't help myself :-)
  17. Hello Everone, A month a I cleaned out a house and gathered a bunch of really nice mens clothes, not goodwill rejects. I had the intention to sell them on ebay, I sold a few but do not have the time to go through the rest of them. They are many nice brand name clothes ,LL Bean, Old Navy , Wrangler to name a few. PLease CALL 404-271-7945 if you are intersted, I do not check this board daily.
  18. It open around 8:00 every morning, I pass by every morning taking my kids to schoo;
  19. White Oak park has a meeting facility, contact Paulding parks and rec
  20. Hello All, I have a 1999 Chevy Pick up in Chattanooga I need help moving back to Dallas. So if you have a 1 ton pick up and I have a trailer and want to make a few bucks. Please call me if interested. I am willing to pay 50.00 in fuel and $75.00 for the truck and driver. Thanks Mike 404-271-7945
  21. Hi Everyone, The house I live now was broke into prior to my living here, the vandals kicked in 4 of the interior doors damaging the framing at knob. I need someone who is good at wood work to just repair the door frames. Does not have to be spot on perfect looking but atleast pretty good and functional. Couple other small things as well will discuss as well. Thanks Mike 404-271-7945
  22. I can help you set up your LLC with the state and get your EIN#(Fed Tax ID #), send message for more. Mike
  23. What I find ironic is just 10 miles or so west on 278 is another local airport. If that did not do anything spetacular why would our airport to no where make any difference. As I have stated before, atleast open the grounds up for carnival, fair or something that the public can enjoy.
  24. It really sounds like the airport to no where ????
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