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  1. My inlaws live at Brushy Branch which is past Cave Spring and they go to Cedartown mosstly,and Rome if they need to go to the mall. It's not that far to either one.
  2. I ask about an airportin in Hiram, because the manager of the store I work at said he had just got off the phone with the Chamber of Commmerce. The person he was talking to said that they were going to break ground on a airport in Hiram. That's why I ask. I have not heard anything about it, so I was wondering if it was true.
  3. has anyone heard that there's going to be an airport in Hiram?
  4. We thank everyone that came to the veiwing tonight. Karen
  5. It was my Daddy. I love him so much, we had tried to do what we could to keep him safe. He loved to be outside. If you travel down Dallas Nebo Road he was always out in the yard or on his daily walk. We are still in shock, wedon't know why he was as far as he was on the tractor. The back wheel fell off the road and the he fell off the tractor and then the tractor fell on him. I will miss my Daddy soooo much, but I know he is in heaven. Karen (My Daddy is the reason I've "Been here all my life.")
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