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  1. You have been lifted up in prayer. You are so right about God, he's never let me down! Are you having morning sickness or is it something else? My daughter was sick from the moment she got pregnant until about a year later. I hope that you feel better very soon. PM'd you about the bed. Love and healing hugs from me to you.
  2. He never recovered completly. He was 42 @ the time, he is 62 and in a nursing home now. He has alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease along with the heart trouble. He's had 5 heart attacks and open heart surgery. I'm glad that your OB is a good one. Who do you use, if you don't mind sharing?
  3. It is all about being happy with who you are with!
  4. We spend the same amount on each grandchild, they don't get the same amount of gifts. The oldest a boy gets less gifts because what he wants cost more. Each one is different because of difference in ages. I would never consider spending money that I didn't have just because! Some of our best Christmas' have been when we didn't have much but each other. As long as I have my girls, SIL, and grandchildren and a man that loves me I'm happy with life!
  5. I'm with you on the gifts for yourself. Nothing in the world is better than seeing a smile on the face of someone else. Especially when you love people! :clapping:
  6. This doctor apparently does not know what lack of sleep is all about. Going without sleep for long periods of time are not good for your heart. I know this because my brother was awake for days and had his first heart attack. I am so glad that you got the rest that you need to have a healthy baby girl. It's also great that you are in a relationship with a loving person!!!
  7. And just how would you know? Just saying...
  8. Apparently you don't know anything about "most pastors". You think what they do constitutes an easy living! WOW just WOW
  9. This is such an amazing post. It's one like these that I really love to read about. I love to hear about something good for a change! God will bless all that have paid it forward tremendously!
  10. Thank you, at first she was going to be Rorilynn but my oldest daughter said she would never to be able to say it! She is the one who came up with Raelynn, Heather loved it when she first heard it. Heather decided to add Angela's middle name also...so she's Raelynn Christine. I'm sure that your mother is "beaming" knowing that you will name your daughter after her. Her legacy will live on. I have older brothers, she needs to be thankful that she will have one also. :yahoo:. I hope that you are better now. Take good care of yourself, you need all the rest you can get so you can go buy
  11. Congratulations! Girls are wonderful, I have two grown daughters, each has one daughter then my oldest has my only grandson. He's the oldest & he is such a great big brother and cousin to my granddaughters. I love the name that you have picked, especially since it's after your mother. That makes it extra special. One of my granddaughters has my middle name. Her name is Raelynn.
  12. Thanks for your post. Most people will not see it for what it is, for that I'm sorry for them. I agree 100% with you. How does anyone jump to the conclusion as to what his prayer may be? At least he is praying.
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