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  1. I am right down the road, as well as my parents. I have not heard anything. Thanks for the heads up. We are always locked and loaded, if they get past the dogs. Stay safe!!
  2. My brothers church in Canton does this for the homeless and the less fortunate. The last few days people without power have been coming in. It is a great ministry and they have helped a lot of people in their community. They also have the support of the city. It not about the money for them they just want people to know that they matter and are loved.
  3. Most of the time that is what it takes, ruffle as many as you need to too get the job handled! Keep pushing, calling, emailing whatever you have to do to keep the ball rolling. Don't back down. So glad to hear you are getting to the right people to get it done. Keep us posted.
  4. I agree with wfl, my son had a 504 because he had to have his colon removed when he was 12. He had to have access to the bathroom at any time. I was under the understanding that it was 2 different things. His IEP was for co taught classes and small group in certain subjects. My daughter was told last year that if the IEP was not in place before the end of school they would have to start over. When we threatened to file a grievance we got it moving along and it was put into place the last week of school last year. It has done wonders to help this year. You feel like you are beating your
  5. I fully understand your frustration. It took 3 years to get someone to listen to me about my son. After the IEP was set up he did great. He graduated in 2010, went on the Chattahoochee Tech and graduated in 2012. My daughter has been fighting the system for 2 years but have finally gotten my grandsons IEP in place and he is doing sooooo much better. Just keep pushing, DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!! Keep making the phone calls, keep going up to the school and asking questions. Keep a record of who you talked with and what was said. Let them know you are not going to let this go. Good luck and I hope every
  6. I know a lot of people that run with automatic lights. They come on when it get dark. They get used to it and they don't think about turning them on when its raining and/or foggy. I have almost pulled out in front of someone when they didn't have their lights on and I could not see them.
  7. My mom puts a smoked turkey leg or a couple of smoked turkey wings in hers. They are great. I would not eat them until she started doing this a few years ago.
  8. No, we try to keep our close. One of us go out with them every time to make sure they stay close. We have had 2 show up from up the road several times. I now know the owners really good now and we just coral them and call him at his business to let them know they are here. You may be talking about our neighbor, he had 2 that went missing and someone called and he got them back. He was sooooo thankful someone cared.
  9. We will keep an eye out. We live on Harris Loop. Hoping he shows up. We have 2 dogs and I would go crazy if one of them went missing.
  10. My mom and sister in law see these Dr.'s as well. Dr. Rosenbloom is great, my mom loves him.
  11. Oh yea, I am more than ready for winter to be over. I was born and raised in GA. I have never lived anywhere else, until we moved to NC in April of last year. I have never seen snow deeper than 6 inches, which was in 93. I guess people get used to it but I have to say I haven't yet. It has been sooooooo cold and then when the wind picks up it is unbearable. I have learned to dress in lots and lots of layers. Stay safe Ga.
  12. Thanks Beach Bum, I now live in North Carolina about 45 miles north east of Asheville. They are calling for 12-16 inches up here, but not the ice that Ga is suppose to get. I too pray that everyone in Ga. stays safe and warm the next few day. I have a lot of family in Paulding, Polk, and Cherokee counties.
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