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  1. Adventures in Babysitting...License to Drive
  2. We haven't gotten ANY of the census info!
  3. Actually had this happen to me last week. Logged on through my phone and was in someone else's account. It was really weird. Logged out immediately.
  4. Yes, I know who Bruce is. I will check with him as well. Thanks for the info!
  5. I have called and talked with someone at Shepeard's Rest and we will begin our collection drive this week. The girls love being able to help others anyway they can. Over the past few years, we have spent many hours participating in various walks, collecting food items, collecting toys at christmas, making easter baskets for Sweetwater Valley Camp, and volunteering at Warehouse of Hope. If any of you have a girl that is between the ages of 11-20 and would like to get them involved, please feel free to let me know. Here is our assembly website: www.freewebs.com/hiram84 Our state
  6. Thanks for the info. We would probably do some kind of collection anyways. I just could not for the life of me remeber the name!!
  7. I know that I have seen on here before that there is or was a women's shelter here in Paulding County. Anyone have info on it? I work with the local Rainbow Assembly in Hiram and the girls want to use a womens/childrens shelter as their service project for the next 6 months. Thanks!!
  8. We've seen a few flurries at Paulding Hospital..just a few though
  9. Love the song and his voice. I also posted to my FB. Wishing Matt the best of luck!
  10. Semper Fi. Mt dad was a retired Marine and served in Vietnam. He passed away just 4 months after retiring from 20 yrs of service. God Bless all of our service men and women, but espescially the Marines!!
  11. faustracy@bellsouth.net (when I looked myself up, I was the first one to come up, yellow shirt) I tried, but there are a bunch and I don't know which one you are
  12. Hello - You can add me also - Tracy Faust - I do FarmVille, FarmTown, Lil Farm Life, Farm Pals, and Cafe World
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