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  1. Thanks! That makes me feel better. I was worried the cut off would be Jan 31 or something where he would just barely miss it.
  2. My son will be three in February. We really want him to be able to play ball this spring but I can't find any info on the government page about the cut off date for birthdays. Does anyone know what date he has to turn three by in order for him to be elligible to sign up? TIA!!
  3. I am sure PKU told you this, but they do auto deduct from your checking account. We have never had any issues with it in the 2 years our son has been going there.
  4. Luke's Place free clinic in Mableton. Open Tues and Thurs 5-8.
  5. Is it a law that they have to be leashed or fenced? Our new next door neighbors have four pits, no fence and they bring them out without leashes and let them run in the back yard.
  6. He is a freshmen. Thanks for all the supportive comments! I will be sure to pass them on!
  7. I live next door to them. He didn't have to be flown afterall. He is doing fine and so is his mom. They were able to set the leg without surgery but he will have a full leg cast for awhile. I have been going over there every night to give him his blood thinning injections to prevent blood clots while he is inactive.
  8. Does the courthouse offer wifi? Hubby has jury duty this week and wants to take the laptop. TIA!!
  9. Gymboree across from the avenues has classes. The Tumblebus might have something also.
  10. Will there be a session after the November one? I am getting a DSLR for Christmas and would love to participate!
  11. Oh, I almost forgot about sidewalk chalk! It's cheap too!
  12. Jump 4 Joey's is only $4 for that age. My little guy LOVES it there!
  13. The little one is my guy Corbin!!! Ashley, they turned out great!! They are so sweet I almost get teary eyed looking at them! Just want to let everyone know that Ashley is AWESOME!!! We had such a fun time!
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